'Jackass' Star Bam Margera Posts Series of Concerning Videos Mentioning Medication and Dr. Phil

Bam Margera, the pro skater known for reality shows Jackass and Viva La Bam, fired off a series of videos begging Dr. Phil McGraw to help him get his life together. In a series of selfie videos posted to Instagram, Margera, 39, lays out his personal issues, qualms with mom April Margera, wife Nicole Boyd and former friend, Brandon Novak. Bam is riled up in the videos but knows he needs help.

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#dr.phil bam margera needs you to save family from falling apart for good

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"Dr. Phil, I need your help in a big, big way. My family is in shambles, it's been worse than its ever been, ever," Bam says in the first video. "I've disowned my mom, and I'll tell you why. Nikki, I can't stand, I can't stand her, I'll tell you why."

He then goes into how much he loves his son with Boyd, Phoenix Wolf, but is infuriated by the thought of a custody battle for him, should the couple separate.

"He's (Phoenix) the best, I love him to death, and Nikki knows that," Bam says. "And if we separate, I know she's going to use him as bait, and I ain't playing that f—ing game, so you can have him."

He then vents about April, who also regularly appeared on Viva La Bam, and how he does not feel heard when they argue. He also accused her not caring about a recent near-death experience he had, saying her reaction was equivalent to that of hearing the Philadelphia Phillies losing a game.

"Let's get to my mom, which is the worst part. Everything she says is negative, and she always cuts people off and never lets them finish. She's already ready to say what she's gonna say, before you're done, that means she's not listening, ever. She invented a time machine, because we go nowhere so f—ing fast, it drives me crazy, and we can do this shit for hours," he said. "I almost died the other day, and my buddy witnessed it. He called my mom, saying what happened, and she acted like the f—ing Phillies lost."

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#dr.philbam novak only buys novak nice things when he should be cutting of his left arm and clipenis for him

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He then dedicates a giant chunk of his rant to Novak, who also made appearance on Jackass. He lists off all the various favors he claims he's done for Novak and all the times his friend wronged him. Novak, who is now sober, has been reaching out to Margera, but the Viva La Bam star says it's not enough.

"Now that's he's all sober he has to love me from a distance," Margera said. "Maybe he's the worst one of all."

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Despite all the tangents, the core of the message was that he wants Dr. Phil to sort through his troubles, which noted including figuring out what medication he should and should not be taking.

"When they say Bam is going crazy, f—ing-a. they might be right," he said, later adding. "The only person I believe is you (Dr. Phil), 'cause when I watch you, I'm like, 'that's what I would have said, that's what I would have said.' The only person that I will believe on the planet is Dr. Phil."

He closed his rant by thanking everyone for listening and formally asking Dr. Phil for help in a handwritten note.


Dr. Phil has not publicly responded to Margera's request as of press time.

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