Ivanka Trump Reportedly Getting More Reality TV Offers 'Than She Has Ever Received in Her Life'

Ivanka Trump may be headed out of the White House pending the 2020 presidential election results, [...]

Ivanka Trump may be headed out of the White House pending the 2020 presidential election results, but she may also be headed straight to the small screen. Amid the tense political atmosphere and this year's election cycle, the first daughter has reportedly been receiving more reality TV offers "than she has ever received in her life," perhaps signaling that she will trade in the title of "advisor to the president" in favor of her name in the credits of a new series.

According to a top TV insider who spoke to OK!, the entire lot of the Trump family has been receiving reality TV offers, something that doesn't necessarily come as a surprise given the fact that "reality TV made this family superstars." In fact, before stepping into their current White House roles following their father, President Donald Trump's 2016 win, "it was appearing on The Celebrity Apprentice next to their father, Donald Trump, that made Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric into primetime stars." As the family now looks ahead to a potential defeat – ballots are still being counted and neither Trump nor his Democratic opponent Joe Biden has been declared the winner – "or the kids to return to reality TV shouldn't be a surprise."

While that insider noted practically all members are eyes for some time in the TV spotlight, it is the president's oldest daughter "that is getting the most offers." According to the insider, Trump is "getting more offers than she has ever received in her life," so much so that "she could have her own primetime cable show if she wanted it." She has reportedly even sparked the interest of ABC's Dancing With the Stars, which featured former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, too much controversy, on Season 28. However, it seems unlikely that Trump would be willing to return to reality TV just yet, as she has her eyes on other things.

"The real question isn't if the show wants her, it is if Ivanka will want to hit the ballroom floor now that she is one of the most famous daughters in the world… Winner of the mirrorball trophy might be nice for her brothers Eric or Donald Jr., but Ivanka isn't interested in it," the source said. "She knows that what she does right now will determine her future for years to come."

The source noted that while Trump "isn't opposed to going back to reality shows," noting that her own father "became the President after his reality show," the shows currently showing interest in her may not be gaining the same interest from Trump. Trump is said to be looking into creating shows that are "much more similar to The Celebrity Apprentice and Shark Tank than Dancing With the Stars or The Real Housewives!"