Is Jinger Duggar Pregnant With a Baby Girl?

Is Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo expecting a baby girl or just a sugar rush? Husband Jeremy Vuolo's latest Instagram has fans putting on their detective hats.

Sugar and spice. Think about it.

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"Sugar and spice," he captioned a photo of the two playfully chowing down on massive lollipops around Thanksgiving. "Think about it."

While Jeremy might be making a pun about his wife's first name and the sugary treat they're enjoying, many fans think he may be quoting the nursery rhyme, "Sugar and spice and everything nice, that what little girls made of."

"She’s pregnant!! Make an official announcement please," one fan asked.

"It's baby time!!!" another said.

"You're expecting a baby girl?!"

The two have been dropping other hints that they might be expecting, including posting a photo of their holiday wreath featuring the Isaiah 9:6 verse "for unto us a child is born."

The Counting On couple have been married for a little more than a year, so it's not far-fetched for them to be expecting.

However, some fans don't think the 23-year-old looks pregnant at all, let alone pregnant enough to be able to tell the sex of the baby. Typically, doctors are able to determine the sex of the baby at about three months old, but new technology has made it possible at as few as seven weeks pregnant.

"If she was pregnant, she'd have a baby bump, she would be as big as Joy," one fan hypothesized. "She is not pregnant."

"IF (and that’s IF) she’s pregnant ... she’s not even showing so she’s very early on ... I think Jeremy & Jinger are playing games with all of you," another fan wrote.