New 'Home Town' Photo Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Secret Fans Aren't Supposed to See

Home Town is back with a new episode tonight, and it's a family affair. Host Ben Napier's brother Jesse and sister-in-law Lauren are appearing to purchase and renovate a home with Home Town team's guidance. Ben's wife (and co-host) Erin Napier called it "one of my favorite renovations ever," but that wasn't the only thing fans of the HGTV series were buzzing about the episode. Erin shared a behind-the-scenes snap from the episode that offered an aspect of production fans aren't typically supposed to see.

Jesse and Lauren are shown filming a stand-up interview for the show, but the pair are notably different heights. To compensate for this, production added a small wooden pedestal for Lauren to stand on. This eliminates some of the height gaps to make the shot look better. In the final product, Home Town fans will see no sign of the trick, which is the intent. However, this tiny detail lets viewers in on an aspect of TV and film production they often can't see.

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Apparently, this is a commonly used production strategy for the HGTV series, which is currently airing its fifth season. In fact, the Napiers themselves use it for their shots. One fan in the comments asked, "Erin are you ever standing on an out-of-the-shot riser when standing next to Ben?" The host replied, "always." Another fan asked the same question, and Erin said, "it’s a Napier sister thing now I suppose."

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