Ben and Erin Napier Reveal Why This Week's 'Home Town' Is Extra Special

Sunday's night's episode of Home Town will be a very special one for Erin and Ben Napier. On Instagram, the couple noted that Ben's younger brother, Jesse, and his wife, Lauren, moved to Laurel and the HGTV stars were able to renovate their home. So, get ready for the next episode of Home Town to be a total family affair.

Erin posted some behind-the-scenes photos of themselves, Jesse, and Lauren filming the episode in question. As for Ben, he posted a couple of throwback photos from when he and Jesse were younger. In a very lovely coincidence, Ben posted about his brother's upcoming appearance on Home Town on National Siblings Day. In his caption, the HGTV personality that he and Erin were waiting to find the right space for Jesse and Lauren for quite some time. Now, they're able to showcase their house to all of their fans on Sunday night's episode of Home Town, which will air on both HGTV at 8 p.m. ET and on Discovery+.

"This is a special weekend for #nationalsiblingday! Tomorrow night, #HGTVHomeTown will feature my little brother, Jesse @napewiththej, and his lovely wife, Lauren @ltnapier," Ben wrote on Instagram. "It’s a house that we’ve wanted them to find since the first time he met her. I love all my brothers. We all did better than we deserve in the wife department. Y’all be sure to watch!" Of course, Erin also acknowledged that her family members will be appearing on Home Town. She posted two photos of Jesse and Lauren, one in which they can be seen talking to the camera and another with blindfolds on as they prepare to see their new digs.

"I’ve been waiting for this weekend and this episode all season, and I hope you won’t miss it either!" Erin wrote alongside the sweet snaps. "Sunday, April 11 we’ll bring home our little brother, Jesse, and his wife, Lauren. It’s been a dream for us to have them in Laurel, and I can’t wait for you to meet even more of our family in this episode where we do one of my favorite renovations ever. Seriously, don’t miss it." To catch all of the Napier family fun for yourself, you're definitely going to want to tune in to Home Town on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET.