Erin Napier Lets 'Home Town' Fans Know Daughter's Condition After Park Accident

Home Town star Erin Napier's daughter Helen recently broke her tibia and fibia in a playground accident, causing loads of concern for the toddler. Napier has sent the concern and shared an image of the 3-year-old donning a pink cast and pink fuzzy socks to her Instagram. She let the Home Town fan base that she was recovering.

"It took a procedure with general anesthesia, rebreak and resetting her leg bones with a full leg cast once we made it back home to Mississippi, but my baby girl finally felt great today," Napier wrote, sharing intimate details on the child's procedure and her current condition. "Dr. Kosko at @southernbonehattiesburg worked a miracle for Helen yesterday (and Higgy the tiger didn’t hurt, thank you for that @sullivangrams and @therealrachelsullivan). She’s gotten well wishes from around the world and wanted me to tell y’all: 'Thank you for checking on me!'"

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After the accident initially took place, Napier opened up about the incident with followers telling fans, "A fun day at the park turned into a fully broken tibia and fibula when she stepped wrong at the end of a slide. So thankful to have [her husband Ben Napier] beside me (and sharing nights on the floor by her crib) when parenting during a pandemic gets even more nerve racking."

It's still unknown as to how long Helen will be in the cast, but fans sent along more of their well wishes. "Oh my gosh Erin I am tearing up AGAIN for her. My goodness what a trooper she is. Prayers for you all as she recovers from this. I’m so glad y’all are home and settled for a while," someone wrote. Another fan shared some words of support saying, "Bless her little heart....and yours! Praying for smooth sailing for that precious thing from here on out. Praying faithfully for complete healing for Helen."