'Good Bones' Star Mina Starsiak Hawk Shares Sweet Moment Her 'Cold Heart Melted' With Photo of Kids

Good Bones star Mina Starsiak Hawk's heart grew about three sizes this holiday season following a sweet interaction between 2-year-old son Jack Richard and 3-month-old daughter Charlotte "Charlie" Drew Hawk. As the HGTV star and her family prepared for Christmas Day 2020, Starsiak took to Instagram Wednesday to share the adorable moment with fans.

In a post featuring a picture of husband Steve Hawk and their two children, Starsiak explained to fans that she "was walking away with Charlie, and Jack put his arms out and said 'Me! Baby?'" The mom-of-two said that at the sweet request, her "cold heart melted," adding that little Jack held his baby sister "for at least 20 minutes." Starsiak went on to reflect on her son's kindness, writing, "he is the sweetest boy (also insane) and my hope for his life is that, no matter how un-sweet life can be, that he never loses that. I'll be a proud momma if I can raise kind children."

The adorable brother-sister bonding more prompted many of responses from fans, with one person praising Starsiak's parenting, commenting, "looks like you're already raising kind children. They do what they see. Have a beautiful Christmas." Another person said "one of the most beautiful things is seeing your children form a bond that will outlive you." A third person said Jack "is a wonderful big brother," with another adding, "they have such good role models...there is no doubt."

The sibling love lasted more than just 20 minutes, though. On Thursday, Starsiak took to her Instagram Story to document her family’s Christmas Eve, sharing several clips of herself, Charlie, and Jack, who was decked out in red and white striped pajamas. Among videos of Jack marveling at the Christmas tree, the Good Bones star also shared a clip of her son cuddling up to her and Charlie. She joked that she had "absolutely no clue what's happening right here. He’s never this snuggly. But I got two snugglebugs on me."

The HGTV star and her family have been prepping for the holidays in recent days. On Monday, Starsiak, her husband and their two children gathered with a few family members on her dad's side of the family, sharing the annual family Christmas photo. In mid-December, meanwhile, Starsiak took part in a little gingerbread house decorating, with her husband teasing in a post showing off her extravagant design, "it's not a competition guys. Mina always had to build that nice big house."