'Good Bones' Star Karen Laine Teases 'Blonde Ambition Tour' With Series Designer MJ Coyle

Good Bones star Karen Laine is teasing a Madonna-esque "Blonde Ambition tour" with the series' head interior designer MJ Coyle. Laine, 58, shared a photo of the two smiling via Instagram on Friday, along with the caption, "At the epicenter of MJ's blonde ambition tour! #blondes have more fun."

Clearly, the former redhead is loving her blond hair. The HGTV star has shared a few candid photos of her red hair and new golden tresses over the years, setting her appearance apart from her daughter Mina Starsiak Hawk's gorgeous red hair, but the mother-daughter renovation duo is still a knockout on TV and on social media.

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Retirement looks to be treating Laine well. She opened up about her lifestyle change with Popculture.com in 2020. "I have been working in my garden. My husband is retired, so I have a playmate 24 hours a day. I'm his favorite person. I don't understand it," Laine said of retirement, in an exclusive interview. "It doesn't make any sense to me, but he just loves hanging out with me, and he's my favorite person, but it makes sense with him because he's super nice. And he has a Harley. We go for Harley rides. We get the kayak out and go for floats. We have a boat on Lake Monroe that finally got unwinterized, so we'll start sailing again."

"We go camping; we go hiking, we go bike riding. Just hang out in the yard and play with the plants. Do little projects around the house," she continued. "The stuff I did before but didn't do enough of. Now I've got plenty of time; I can do all I want,"


Good Bones was renewed for a new season in August of last year, and while an exact date is yet to be shared, Season 6 is likely to debut in summer 2021. Coyle revealed on his social media page the Good Bones team just finished work on another home to be seen in Season 6 of the HGTV series. "This house might be my all time favorite!!! LITERALLY CAN NOT WAIT TO SHARE!" he wrote.