'Ghost Hunters' Mustafa Gatollari, Brandon Alvis Tease Details of New Paranormal TV Series (Exclusive)

After Season 2 of the A&E revival of Ghost Hunters came to an end last summer, paranormal [...]

After Season 2 of the A&E revival of Ghost Hunters came to an end last summer, paranormal investigators Mustafa Gatollari and Brandon Alvis have been hard at work with their research expanding the field. In addition to their forthcoming book previously teased exclusively with PopCulture.com, the pair now reveals they have been greenlighted for a series currently in production. While chatting with us about the Ghost Hunters revival heading to discovery+ with three original team members, Gatollari and Alvis share enough to pique fans' interest, disclosing all they can say is it will not be filmed in the continental United States.

"It's going to be hot," Gatollari laughed. "It's also going to be a place that has a very, very, very significant implications for the creation of America. It's got a lot of ties to American history and it's never been investigated on this grand of a scale before. We have unprecedented access to it. We already have people on the ground there, working and we've dumped a ton of research into this already. We're constantly working on it. I was actually just talking with production today. So yeah, it's incredible the stuff that we're doing with this series."

Alvis shares Gatollari's excitement, stating what's really cool about the series is how the two will be "stepping out" of their comfort zones with this new venture. "We've investigated 49 different states in the country — we've been to every type of location you can imagine, from a prison, some mental hospitals, to Victorian mansions, but we're going bigger with this one in the sense," he said. "We're just not going to a location to have an experience or try to document it — we're really going into that cultural belief aspect and what creates a haunting, what's the cultural ideas behind it? Does it change location to location?"

The investigator further reveals how the two will dive really deep into the cultural beliefs behind paranormal phenomena. "I think that's going to be something that's not only refreshing but something that's really never been done on this scale," Alvis added. "I think it's going to be something that's going to be fresh and new, so we're definitely excited."

As for what's to come for their YouTube web series Formula of a Haunting created by Gatollari and Alvis to help further the field by analyzing potential evidence of the paranormal and disproving false positives, Gatollari reveals they have episodes in the backlog ready to share with viewers, but all their time at the moment is spent in developing the new series for TV. "We're like, 'Okay, let's just kind of make sure we're okay to put out stuff here before we put out anything else,'" he said. "Plus, Brandon, he's done a lot of work with The Dark Zone, so we have a lot of different fires being stoked right now. It's like, 'Okay, we got to figure out the legalities of everything before we start putting up that content.'"

While the TV show has no set date for release, Gatollari and Alvis reveal new details of their forthcoming book, published by Llewellyn Worldwide and set to release in January 2022 and based on 17 years of research. Admitting it all started when the two first met on Ghost Hunters, Alvis credits the pair's "very similar thinking and mindset" for where they are today as a team. "We just talked about these different theories and ideas that we had and we have very similar thinking and mindset and we decided, 'Hey man, let's take our, all the research for 17 years and really put it together,'" Alvis said adding how the book also highlights things never before done in the paranormal field. "[It's] actually a classification system for hauntings, where you're not just going to a location saying, is it haunted or not? We're actually putting in a classification system to that."

While Gatollari admits they wrote and re-wrote several times and had to contact different counties for permissions, he says it's "probably one of the biggest things" he's ever worked on. Alvis echoes his friend, sharing that while it was "very difficult to write a book like that," it was a welcome challenge and something "really cool to do," especially during the pandemic. "We had the free time, which is nice, but it was definitely a very difficult thing to do and we put a lot of love into it and a lot of hard work and I think people really going to enjoy it."

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