Grant Wilson Speaks out After 'Ghost Hunters' Gets Revival Treatment With Discovery+

After getting an initial revival in 2019 on A&E, Ghost Hunters has made the move to discovery+ [...]

After getting an initial revival in 2019 on A&E, Ghost Hunters has made the move to discovery+ with three of the original members of the Syfy paranormal hit now turned former investigators of Travel Channel's Ghost Nation. In a press release from Discovery on Tuesday, the mega-hit paranormal investigation series was greenlighted for a comeback with Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango for its streaming platform discovery+. The three will return with their Ghost Nation co-investigator, Shari DeBenedetti.

The news was surprising to fans, many of whom took to social media confused over the sudden revival of the series, which ran for two seasons on A&E alongside original team leader Grant Wilson and a new crew of investigators, including Kristen Luman, Daryl Marston, Mustafa Gatollari, Brandon Alvis, Richel Stratton and Brian Murray. Wilson spoke out about the matter Wednesday afternoon, informing fans he is not a part of the new rendition and that the show was "sold" to discovery+ with the team from Ghost Nation.

This past January, Gatollari shared an update with PopCulture about the future of the series, admitting he and the other investigators were getting a lot of questions from fans about Season 3. "So much of that is up in the air," the New Jersey native said at the time. "It doesn't look like A&E is pursuing paranormal programming anymore, but we've never stopped our research or our work."

A year into the pandemic and Gatollari with fellow investigator Alvis are making sure they continue their investigations with a brand new YouTube series called Formula of a Haunting. Created by the pair to help further the field by analyzing potential evidence of the paranormal and disproving false positives, Gatollari says the series was a way for him to continue studying unexplained phenomena and share their unique techniques with fans.

As for the revived Ghost Hunters team, they will be back into the field next month per the network with Hawes, Gonsalves and Tango, along with DeBenedetti "taking back the paranormal reins in epic haunted locations" while teasing familiar faces and special guests will join investigations for the all-new version of the series. The 13 one-hour episodes will begin streaming later this year on discovery+.

In a statement from Travel Channel's general manager, Matthew Butler, the Pilgrim Media Group producer series is looking to bring back a dose of nostalgia to the pioneering franchise. "Fans are obsessed with the Paranormal & Unexplained hub on the new streaming platform," Butler said. "Bringing back Ghost Hunters with their favorite cast members is a thrill. And fans who want to remember why this show is a classic can watch seasons from the original series — they are available now on discovery+."