'Ghost Hunters' Investigator Jason Hawes Mourns 'Close Friend' Meat Loaf Ahead of His Final Appearance on Discovery+ Series (Exclusive)

In the days following the iconic singer and songwriter Meat Loaf's tragic passing at the age of 74, Ghost Hunters will honor the larger-than-life artist with the discovery+ premiere of his final TV appearance on the paranormal series. According to the streaming network's parent company Discovery, the rock legend joined the Ghost Hunters for one last investigation for "The Haunted House on the Hill" premiering Feb. 12. In the episode, which you can see a preview of here, the team investigates an old Tennessee farmhouse with claims of terrifying activity that has plagued the property for decades.

In an exclusive statement to PopCulture.com, paranormal investigator and team lead Jason Hawes admitted the pair shared a "common love and interest" for the paranormal. "Meatloaf has been a close friend of mine since 2007," Hawes told PopCulture, who previously stated on social media he was heartbroken

"We shared a common love and interest in the paranormal. Investigating with him was incredible, but for my family being able to call him and his lovely wife Deborah 'Family' was an honor to us," Hawes continued. "He would make videos for my sons with football advice, treat my daughters as if he knew them their entire life, and treated me as if we had been friends forever. Losing him is a loss to the world."

Meat Loaf was no stranger to the paranormal as he joined the TAPS team on numerous investigations since first appearing on the show in 2009 with the Season 5 episode "Bat Out of Hell," which found the team and singer investigating a haunted private island in the Thousands Islands of New York. A year later, the musical legend and devoted Ghost Hunters fan joined them once again — this time in Alabama, for the episode "Sloss Furnace" during Season 6. The investigation was part of a two-night exploration of the Sloss Furnaces in the deep south.

When learning of his passing last month, the TAPS team took to social media to mourn the legend with Steve Gonsalves writing, "So happy we got to investigate together again just a few short months ago! Truly one of the biggest sweethearts with the best stories!! We love you Meat!"


Former TAPS investigator and Ghost Hunters star, Amy Bruni, currently investigating on Kindred Spirits, also spoke out, stating she was "sad" to hear about his passing. "I have so many fun memories of him, from racing go-karts to him singing for us privately in the car. His energy was infectious and he was just a truly lovely person with a huge heart. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

The Ghost Hunters episode with guest investigator Meat Loaf streams Saturday, Feb. 12 on discovery+. For more with the Ghost Hunters and all your streaming news, stick to PopCulture.com for the latest and catch up on all your paranormal programming on discovery+ here.