'Ghost Hunters' Kristen Luman and Daryl Marston Detail 'Whole New Ballgame' With Season 2 (Exclusive)

After a groundbreaking first season led by paranormal investigator Grant Wilson, the Ghost Hunters [...]

After a groundbreaking first season led by paranormal investigator Grant Wilson, the Ghost Hunters team is back Wednesday, April 8 with a whole new season of cases to spook and thrill fans. Heading into uncharted territory under the collective theme "alone and afraid," the team are the first to investigate unexplained phenomena in some of the most remote locations across the United States. Co-lead investigators, Kristen Luman and Daryl Marston recently caught up with PopCulture.com exclusively to chat about its sophomore return to A&E ahead of its two-hour premiere, admitting that the second season will showcase some of the most compelling, persuasive evidence captured on camera.

"I am super excited," Marston told PopCulture. "Because in my mind, I know with the rest of the team, we feel like it's a completely different animal than season one due to the fact — we're just going to these huge, remote places."

Marston adds that in addition to upholding the integrity of their cases with respects to the towns, the new locations are "so big and so immense" as they've never been investigated before, which is a "big thing" for all of them.

"When you go into a location that's well known to be haunted by a client or eye witnesses and its never been investigated by a team before, you start approaching these entities and asking questions and getting some amazing responses, especially with the new equipment we're using," he said.

Hypnotherapist, Luman agrees, telling PopCulture she is incredibly excited for fans to tune in this season as they work to deliver answers for communities plagued by death and dark histories.

"It's a whole new ballgame, and I'm so excited about it," Luman said, adding how she is also really "proud of all the work" they've discovered this past season. "I feel like we really came together as a team in this season, more so than last because we were all getting to know each other; how each one of us work, and we really brought it together this season."

Echoing Marston's enthusiasm for the new equipment that the team will be using alongside their cases, she further adds how the fresh devices will add some incredible insight to the questions so many residents of these locations have been forced to live with.

"We have some new awesome equipment that is used in the science field that we brought into the paranormal field that have produced some great results — things I've never experienced before that have blown my mind and kind of shaken my theories prior about the paranormal world," Luman said. "[It] just opened up more questions, actually."

(Photo: A&E / A&E Networks)

With the show heading into towns and locations never investigated prior to the team's visit, she says one of the biggest aspects to the new season is confronting the unknown in ways never been seen before with "amazing results" thanks to being the first ones out there.

"You think about the entities we're trying to make contact with, [and] nobody's done that before," she said ."You think how long they've been there, perhaps trying to make contact with those that are living on the premises, or working on the premises, and now we're trying to give them a voice, we're saying we're here to help you."

In addition to the compelling evidence captured that promises to excite audiences and paranormal enthusiasts, Marston adds that with the crew and sound guys being on the filming team for years now, were too blown away by this past season's findings.

"Some of these guys have been on the show for 13, 14 seasons now, and they were all skeptics until the last two seasons when we started using the equipment that we're using and using the techniques we're using," Marston said. "And every single one of these guys have had experiences now — and they've all become, like seasoned investigators and are so excited to investigate with us and actually film us doing the investigations. They're all having experiences. That's a big thing."

Season 2 of Ghost Hunters premieres Wednesday, April 8 at 8 p.m. ET with a mind-blowing two-hour episode on A&E. The show will air regularly on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET, followed by Celebrity Ghost Stories. Stay tuned to PopCulture for all your paranormal reality TV coverage!