'Ghost Hunters' Grant Wilson and Daryl Marston Open up About New Cast Dynamics (Exclusive)

As one of the more successful paranormal reality series detailing supernatural phenomena across the U.S., it's no secret Ghost Hunters has become a benchmark within pop culture for shows of the like. But while it has terrified audiences for a little more than a decade and piqued mass interest among networks looking to imitate such mystic, one of the most captivating and inimitable aspects to every investigation with the series was its cast, featuring lead investigator, Grant Wilson.

With the show now rebooted by A&E and greenlighted for 20 episodes, Wilson is back, leading a team of seasoned investigators exploring hauntings across the country and admitting to PopCulture.com exclusively that it's not only a crew he's incredibly proud of, but one he considers "family."

"The thing is, a lot of the old crew are doing their own thing," Wilson told PopCulture.com. "But even if they were available, I just want to bring some new faces and expertise to the light and this team has it."

Wilson shares that they each have "real world experience," adding how the skills his team has in their own right brings a nice balance to the dynamic within the group and their objectives.

"They all have paranormal experience and are just, really, really nice people," Wilson said. "And I know we're out there looking for ghosts, but that's not really our goal. Our goal is to help people feel comfortable who think they're being bothered by entities — and these skills come in very handy."

The Rhode Island native goes on to share that the dynamic between the new crew is "family."

"These people are really valuable and wonderful people in their own right," Wilson said. "But when we break them up into teams of two, those two people are greater than the sum of their parts. And then you put the whole team together again, greater than the sum of their parts, so it's cool because they're not just filming a show."

He adds that the "passion" is real among his team, especially when it comes to everyone putting their heads together and working to uncover paranormal activity.

Daryl Marston, Wilson's co-lead investigator with an extensive contractor background, tells PopCulture.com that in addition to the family dynamic, each member really stands out in their own way.

"Everybody in their background really shines," Marston told PopCulture.com. "I mean, it comes out during your actual investigation. Everybody steps in and their part comes out. Like, Kristen [Luman] is a therapist. She'll shine going on our investigation. We have a contractor; Grant with his background; Brandon [Alvis], Mustafa [Gatollari], Brian [Murray], Richel [Stratton] — all of them bring all that and more to the table."


Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

Photo credit: Justin Bettman / A&E