'Ghost Hunters' Tackle High School Ghost Captured in Viral Video With A&E Series Reboot Premiere

After weeks of anticipation and almost three years since its series finale, the highly awaited [...]

After weeks of anticipation and almost three years since its series finale, the highly awaited Ghost Hunters reboot premiered tonight on A&E, continuing its matchless reign into the realm of authentic paranormal investigations.

In the premiere episode titled "School Spirit," featuring a whole new skilled and talented team led by former T.A.P.S. member, Grant Wilson, the crew of seven seeks answers in a case that received national attention and what paranormal experts touted per previous reports as "one of the most authentic ghost videos" ever seen. But was a ghostly specter really captured on camera?

Grant and his brand new team visit Idaho's 125-year-old Pocatello High School after hearing from the principal who shared spooky surveillance footage with his team, allegedly showing what appears to be a specter emerging from the doorways by the bathroom. Other footage filmed by the school's surveillance system over the 2014 Christmas break also shows lights inside hallways switching on and off during random intervals.

With the principal admitting since the "concerning" and "alarming" footage went viral, there had been an increase in rumors and stories among residents, pushing her to seek help in the off-chance there was any "substance" to the evidence captured. Since "evidence is so crucial to the field" in order to sort "fact from fiction," the team sets up across the high school in other alleged cold spots.

With Grant investigating the hallway specter alongside paranormal technician, Brandon Alvis, the two arrive at the scene of the reported paranormal activity to uncover if the ghostly figure caught on cameras was really an apparition.

"This is the camera that caught the footage of what looks like a figure coming out that bathroom, pacing back and forth. I gotta be honest, when I first looked at that footage — you know what it is?" he says to Brandon.

"Oh yeah, absolutely," Brandon replies. "Cobweb."

Grant then grabs a ladder, placing it under the camera to investigate their hypothesis further. "Brandon's there's actually a piece of cobweb hanging here… there's like a dust bunny right here, right now."

Brandon laughs as Grant continues examining the camera while atop the ladder.

"We went up there and there was only a cobweb or dust bunny hanging from the camera already," Grant says in an offside confessional. "It wasn't hanging in a place that was directly in front of the lens, but the fact that it was there already shows that — that's a slam dunk."

"I think that explains everything," Brandon says in the school hallway. "That's definitely got to be it."

"It's red handed," Grant says. "Like, that figure coming out of the bathroom and going back is not an apparition. It is a cobweb moving back and forth."

While that case might have been debunked by the two, it still didn't explain the lights, which Grant, Brandon and their co-team member, Daryl later discover is something far more ghostly than the hallway specter.

Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

Photo credit: A&E Networks