Former WWE Wrestler John Morrison to Appear on 'Survivor' Season 37

Wrestling fans will see a familiar face on this season of Survivor after CBS announced Wednesday that former WWE star John Morrison will be battling it out for $1 million on the 37th iteration of the reality series.

The pro wrestler was first announced as a David vs. Goliath castaway under his real name, John Hennigan, but wrestling fans were quick to make the connection.

At 38, Hennigan currently wrestles for Impact Wrestling under the name Johnny Impact and for Lucha Underground as Johnny Mundo, but he has a storied past in the WWE as a multiple time Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion as John Morrison and Johhny Nitro. He has also made guest appearances on Shameless and GLOW.

Survivor John Morrison
(Photo: CBS)

In his Survivor bio, Hennigan doesn't shy away from his past, saying his physical and mental prowess will help him outlast, outwit and outplay the other competitors.

"Pro wrestling fans around the world know John Hennigan as The Mayor Of Slamtown, Johnny Nitro, John Morrison, Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact, the Shaman of Sexy, The Wednesday Night Delight ... I've had more epic ring names than most wrestlers have had championships and in addition to those, plenty of other nicknames that aren't so nice," he wrote.

He added, "My daily life consists of physical training, building relationships, and positioning myself favorably in dozens of wrestling organizations worldwide. I currently consistently work for over 20 different wrestling promotions all over the world. Two years ago, I came to Triple A without speaking fluent Spanish and sat in a locker room full of prideful luchadores, some of whom had worked for that company for over 20 years. Less than one year later, I'm the first non-Mexican Triple Champion of Triple A because I positioned myself strategically within that organization, built a great relationship with the owner, and by kicking a—, like I kick a— in the ring my talent could not be overlooked. ... Everywhere I go the challenge is the same. I win because I understand how to play the game."

As for why he is appearing on reality TV at this point in his career, he explained, "I want to win and I want the money. I'm planning on buying a Corvette the size of a Hummer, but as fast as a Corvette with some of my winnings."

Can he bring his winning streak to the islands of Fiji?

Survivor Season 37 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS