Former 'Jackass' Star Chris Pontius Urges Bam Margera to 'Take Accountability' Amid Apparent Meltdown

Former Jackass star Chris Pontius took to Instagram to tell his troubled co-star Bam Margera to "take accountability" after Margera's apparent meltown on social media this weekend. Margera shared several concerning videos on Instagram this weekend, leading some fans to plead with other Jackass stars to help him. Pontius said their concerns are heard, but Margera is not responding.

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"To Everybody asking the Jackass Guys to help Bam, We are trying and have been, but no matter how loudly help screams his name, it’s up him to want to be better and not somebody who publicly degrades their Wife and Mother and takes accountability for it," Pontius wrote in response to one of Margera's posts.

On Friday, Margera shared a post slamming his mother, April Margera, and wife, Nicole Boyd. In the graphic caption, Margera complained about them taking control of his money and care.

"Go bite the big one, i am nikki, the ruler of bam and castle bam [thinking emojis] ummmmm. No, bam makes the rules of bam and castle bam APRIL!!! NIKKI!!! Duhhhhhh," Margera wrote. "Both of you go f– yourselves. April margera i will never forgive you for treating my f– near death nervous breakdown like the phillies just lost. Tranfer my f– money to the account that i can only access!! What the f– mom its my f– money i can do what i want with it. You said high noon yesterday you will get it done well you are already a day late and a dollar short. Hurry the f– up sloth."

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In another video, Margera pleaded with talkshow host Dr. Phil McGraw to help him because his "family is in shambles" and said he "disowned my mom." Margera added that he "can't stand" Nikki. Margera also aid he was angry about a potential custody battle over his son, Phoenix Wolf, if he and Nicole separate.

In another part of his rant, Margera complained about his former Jackass co-star Brandon Novak. Margera accused Novak of not returning the favors he has done for him. Even though Novak is reaching out and is sober, Margera claimed that is not enough.

"Now that's he's all sober he has to love me from a distance," Margera said in the clip. "Maybe he's the worst one of all."

Margera asked McGraw, who has not responded to the former MTV reality star's pleas, to help figure out what medication he sould take.

"When they say Bam is going crazy, f—ing-a. they might be right," Margera said before adding, "The only person I believe is you (Dr. Phil), 'cause when I watch you, I'm like, 'that's what I would have said, that's what I would have said.' The only person that I will believe on the planet is Dr. Phil."

The rants followed Margera's outburst on a Southwest Airlines flight in Atlanta Saturday. He was told he was reportedly told he was too drunk to fly, and later complained about the incident on Instagram. He said he was flying to Austin, Texas and planned to meet with a therapist. However, it appeared that he delayed that appointment to attend Bell County Comic-Con in Belton, Texas.

Margera has struggled with alcoholism in the past. In January, he went to rehab, but only stayed for 10 days.

“I heard the stories of other rehab patients telling me about there weeks or months of horrible detox. Well guess how many days of detox I had? ZERO!” he added in the post. “I am sick of people always thinking I’m drunk, crazy or f—ed up. So if you plan on calling me to tell me that, you can go f— yourself instead. I’m not going to suck anyone’s d— to stay on element and or prove that I am sober, I am sober.”


In March, his family reportedly checked him into a behavioral facility.

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