Former 'Bachelor' Nick Viall Tells Former 'Bachelorette' Contestant John Paul Jones to Call Him

Former Bachelor star Nick Viall reached out to Season 15 Bachelorette contestant John Paul Jones via Twitter encouraging Jones to give him a call.

On Tuesday's heated episode, Jones was sent home after Hannah Brown gave her final rose to the controversial Luke P.

Viall reached out to Jones and fans are in favor.

Nick Viall

One fan reacted with, "It's unclear to me why everybody is so upset about him leaving. It's always been clear that he was never going to end up with Hannah."

Someone else wrote, "I am so sad!!!! I literally said NO! so loudly at the tv. I hope he's on Paradise!!!!"

Another fan agreed saying, "I hope he finds love in paradise!!"

Several are encouraging Viall to have Jones on his podcast.

One person said, "Love tha guy! Get him on your podcast!" while someone else commented, "Hopefully you can get him on your podcast!!!!!"

Another fan of Jones commented on Viall's tweet saying, "Ugh Im gunna miss John Paul Jones so bad [two cry face emojis].

Fans obviously have strong feelings about this.

On the previous Bachelorette episode, Luke P. and Luke S. got into a brawl on the sideline of a rugby game. Luke S. accused Luke P. of attacking him then kicking him in the face. Brown caught the tail end of the situation so she had to rely heavily on what both of them were saying, along with a few other guys in the group who caught a glimpse.

After both Lukes went back and forth on what happened, Hannah called both of them in one room to hash it out. This is where last night's episode picked up at. Things escalated to a point where Brown ended up calling off the cocktail party and forcing the guys straight into the rose ceremony.

Luke S. decided to send himself home before the ceremony even started. It's unclear why, but fans are lead to believe it was because he feared Brown would choose Luke P. over him — so instead, he encouraged her to keep her eyes open for the truth.

When the former Miss Alabama got down to her last rose, she chose Luke P. over Jones and Matteo.

Fans and contestants were shocked at her decision to keep Luke P. around, especially when her face said it all as she chose him.


Throughout the rest of the episode, Brown brought up the fact that she feels like she's not able to see the real Luke P. because of his guards that are up, ending in him not receiving a rose during their one-on-one.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.