'Fixer to Fabulous' Star Jenny Marrs Suffers Falls After Husband Dave Installs Front Yard Swing in Exclusive Clip

Fixer to Fabulous returns with another new episode on HGTV Tuesday night. In an exclusive clip for PopCulture.com, Jenny Marrs and Dave Marrs try to fix a backyard swing their children absolutely adore before they return home from school. But the project goes hilariously awry at first.

At the start of the clip, Jenny explained that their children "truly, truly" love a handmade swing Dave made that dangles from a tree in their backyard. Apparently, one of the knots in the rope got loose and the swing fell apart. So, Dave climbed atop of a ladder to tie the rope and fix the swing. Jenny tested it at first, but the knot still wasn't good and she fell. Thankfully, she was not injured, but she was not sure about testing Dave's second attempt. She reluctantly agreed, and it worked this time! "This is really fun," Jenny said on the swing.

Tuesday night's episode is titled "Home Dreams Live On." Aside from the swing fix, the episode follows Jenny and Dave as they try to help a widowed mother fulfill her late husband's team of turning their home into a modern farmhouse. Jenny and Dave also added a basketball court for the woman's children and added personal touches the whole family will love. The episode airs at 9 p.m. ET.

Dave and Jenny are based in Bentonville, Arkansas, where they help restore historic homes in their neighborhood. The couple own Marrs Developing, with Dave as a builder and Jenny leading the design side of their business, Goodtable. They also own The Berry Farm. They have three sons and two daughters. One of their daughters, Sylvie, was adopted in 2012.

"I feel like God put [it] on our hearts that she was ours and right when you knew, it was just like, 'Yup.' It was a key in a lock," Dave told PEOPLE of their long desire to adopt in 2019. "The emotion of it was really similar to the birth of our bio children – that first time holding them," Jenny added at the time. "I get emotional thinking about it, 'cause it was just really special."


Fixer to Fabulous debuted in 2019 and is now in its third season. The show covered their adoption journey as well. During an October 2021 event in which the Marrs won the National Angels in Adoption award, Jenny said she wanted to use their platform to share a positive story about adoption, reports Closer Weekly.

"The main reason that we said 'yes' to this HGTV journey of ours is for us to have a platform to share about adoption and orphan care, family preservation, the things that we're really passionate about and so honestly receiving this award is truly such a huge honor," Jenny said at the time. "This is really amazing because this is our heart and what is really important to us."