Farrah Abraham's 'It: Chapter Two' Video Has Fans Asking 'Where's Sophia?'

Farrah Abraham, the former Teen Mom OG cast member, is diving headfirst into her YouTube career, [...]

Farrah Abraham, the former Teen Mom OG cast member, is diving headfirst into her YouTube career, but her latest video brought up long-running parenting concerns she faced ever since she was on MTV. Abraham, 28, stepped out an It: Chapter Two interactive experience, which featured all kinds of creepy carnival games. The former reality TV star steps out with a friend, but her daughter, Sophia, is nowhere in sight.

"IT CHAPTER 2 ! Is here the Spooky Scary FunHouse in time for the epic It 2 movie! Here's a clip! & if you saw my Instagram live .. you would see more scary!" Abraham captioned the video. "I don't do scary... as you can tell Holloween [sic] is coming!"

Several YouTube and commenters were wondering why Sophia was not with Abraham or why the 16 and Pregnant alum did not just stay at home or do a family-friendly activity with her.

"Wish Sophia had a different mom. She deserves better," one fan wrote. "You need to stay there with the freaks."

"So Farrah where's you're [sic] Daughter," another wrote.

A third added, "She fits right in with carnies! You lose Sophia? Again?"

Another even brought up criticism of Abraham's recent Venice Film Festival trip with Sophia, writing, "Did you leave Sophia alone in the hotel room again?"

In an interesting turn of events, Abraham was criticized for taking Sophia to the prestigious cinematic event during that trip, even being confronted in person.

"There was some weird guy," Abraham recounted in a previous YouTube video. "We came late to the movie not to disturb anyone, and there was this crazy older gentleman who kept turning around and being like 'Oh, sit in front of me so you guys can see.' And I was like, 'Oh no, no it's fine. Just leave us alone we're trying to watch.'

"We were like an hour late 'cause we're not used to this. And so we go in there, and this guy kept turning around and kept bothering me. It's like, why is he still trying to talk to me? And then he starts saying I'm not responsible. I should have my daughter out of the movie, blah blah blah."

She went on to say, "And this guy telling me I'm irresponsible in the middle of the movie when those kids are in the movie with Sophia... it was literally, it only happens to me, people. The parent-shaming and the hating legit only happens to me. So even at the Royal Venice Film Festival, we're still having trashy...problems."

Photo Credit: Dominique Charriau/WireImage