Farrah Abraham's Daughter Sophia Shocks Fans by Dropping F-Bomb During Interview

Farrah Abraham's 10-year-old daughter Sophia dropped the F-word during an interview with The Daily Mail, shocking Teen Mom fans on social media. Abraham later shared the video on Instagram, despite the cursing from her daughter, even including the hashtag "proud mom." The former Teen Mom OG star also revealed this week she is taking Sophia to therapy to cope with her father's death.

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During the latest episode of DailyMailTV, Abraham and Sophia were asked how they handle the non-stop stream of haters online.

"I just ignore it! And be like 'You're a f—ing hater!'" Sophia replied.

To her credit, Abraham tried told her daughter not to do that. She put her hand on Sophia's shoulder, saying, "No, we don't call anyone names."

Still, Abraham proudly shared the video on Instagram. "Best News! [Sophia] is growing up," she wrote, adding a heart emoji. One of the hashtags in the caption was "proud mom," leaving fans completely shocked and disturbed.

"I know I didn’t hear what I thought I just heard....that CHILD is something else..sad," one person wrote.

"Trying to cash in on her kid now..." another wrote.

"This ruined my day," another person wrote.

"Yea wonder where she gets the cussing from??!! Then farrah stops her! Whatever she learns everything that pours out of her so called mothers mouth!!" another wrote.

"I am in complete shock," another Instagram user wrote. "So she's cussing on camera no telling what she is doing off camera..Farrah wants this child to be her best friend instead of trying to be her mother...and that never works out well in this end...let this little girl be a little girl..she is not all grown up at 10."

This is hardly the first time Teen Mom fans have criticised Abraham for treating Sophia older than she is. During the Venice Film Festival, Abraham shared a photo of Sophia wearing heavy make-up, which many found inappropriate for a 10-year-old.

Also this week, Abraham revealed on Heather McDonald's Juicy Scoop podcast that Sophia is going to therapy. Sophia's father died in a car crash when Abraham was eight months pregnant with her.

"We do a lot of family therapy because of her not having her father and also being in the public eye," Abraham told McDonald.

Abraham also said her daughter takes online classes and is home schooled to avoid bullies. She still faces online bullying on social media, though.

"She gets so much hate for being online schooled or home schooled," Farrah shared. "Sophia doesn't pay attention to cyber bullying. She is just totally overcoming it."

Abraham let Sophia have her own Instagram page. She has more than 673,000 followers, while Abraham has 2.1 million followers.


"She gets so much hate and it's so crazy," Abraham said. "Whatever works for Sophia for making her feel strong, that's what I'm about."

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