Farrah Abraham's 'Christmas Tree' Slip up Earned Plenty of Mockery From Fans

Farrah Abraham shared another episode of her "docu-comedy" series Domestic Goddess on YouTube Saturday, ringing in the holidays for her fans three weeks before Thanksgiving. In the 23-minute video, the former Teen Mom OG star awkwardly offered a video of gifts to put under your Christmas tree if you are "hanging" one up this year. While "hanging" Christmas trees is something many do, Abraham's followers assumed she made a mistake and thought it was fair to pounce on it.

In her Instagram post teasing the video, Abraham urged her fans to watch it to learn about "the gifts you should be giving under your Christmas if you're hanging your tree this year."

The 28-year-old former reality TV star's delivery was clearly tongue-tied, and many fans picked up on that.

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"Huh? I've never heard anyone talk so unclearly and so randomly," one person wrote. "If you weren't so distracted by your reflection, maybe you can focus more on what you say so people can understand you?"

"This is probably one of the dumbest thing I have ever seen or heard," another wrote.

"Rambling for 10 minutes in front of a black wall isn't comedy," another wrote.

"[What the f—] were you trying to say?" one Instagram user wondered.

"[Oh my God] whats wrong with her," another asked.

It is possible that Abraham was thinking about a trend in recent years to hang Christmas trees upside down instead of a traditional display. According to The Spruce, hanging trees upside down dates back to the Middle Ages, and it was meant to represent the Trinity. However, the trend was re-introduced by retailers to better display more ornaments and to leave floor space. They can be displayed using a stand to hold it upside down, or mounted tip-down on a wall at home.

Abraham left Teen Mom OG behind for good in 2018, following a dispute with MTV over her work in the adult entertainment industry. Since then, she has been building a fan base on Instagram and YouTube as she chronicles her globetrotting with daughter Sophia, 10.

Even though Abraham is no longer working with MTV, she has not stopped chiming in on issues involving other Teen Mom stars. Late last month, she praised former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans for filing for divorce from David Eason.

"I congratulated Jenelle on this big step," Abraham told HollywoodLife. "I know it's not easy, but I'm proud of her for being a strong mom for herself and children. I wish her all the best."

In a TMZ interview a couple days later, Abraham theorized that Evans only split from Eason to get back on television.


"I just feel like it's a way to just go back on TV, and I think more like myself and others, who just want better crews, better circumstances for her kids, beyond just going back to television," she said last week. "So, I don't know. Will things change when she gets a divorce just to go back on TV? I'm just worried about her real intentions."

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