'DWTS' Judge Len Goodman Sparked Outrage From Viewers When He Warned Ally Brooke 'Don't Touch Me Again' After She High-Fived Him

Len Goodman may be used to handing out the critiques after dancing duos take the stage, but he is receiving criticism of his own following his comments to former Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke on Monday night's episode of Dancing With the Stars. After the 26-year-old and her partner Sasha Farber performed their rumba to Selena's "Dreaming of You," it was her high five, not any possible dancing faux pas, that aggravated the judge.

"Don't get overwhelmed. And don't touch me again," Metro reports that he was overheard telling Brooke after she gave him a high-five.

Although Goodman may have meant the comment to be lighthearted, his stony-faced demeanor and harsh tone suggested otherwise to Brooke, confused by his sudden turn in attitude, replied, "I gave you a high-five."

The harsh comment had many fans of the ABC dancing competition sashaying their way to social media to brand Goodman as "rude" and "a grumpy old man."

"I can't believe Len snapped at Ally like that! 'Don't touch me again!' Seriously? She high fives you," one person tweeted in response to the awkward on-air moment. "Get that grumpy old man off the air! It's just a reality tv show."

"[Dancing With the Stars] I am SHOCKED at Len Goodman's comment to Ally 'don't ever touch me again,'" a second commented. "WHY didn't he apologize for being SUCH A RUDE clown. She just gives him a high-five on one hand. Ally deserves an apology from him AND the show. Absolutely ridiculous!!"

"I been telling y'all about Len [DWTS]," another wrote. "He rude asf to almost everyone but he really had me messed up when he said what he said to Ally yesterday though."

"DWTS LEN GOODMAN — rude,rude, rude. Jaw drop when he said to Ally 'don't touch me again'. Is it right he should be on show considering his past remarks and temperament?" a fourth added, possibly referencing Goodman's critique of Brooke's DWTS debut. "Len Goodman's comment to Ally today was insulting! He needs to go or offer an on air apology."


Despite the tense moment that certainly caught the attention and outrage of viewers, Brooke and her dancing partner still ended the night with a score of 24 out of a possible 30. One of the highest of the nights. Goodman even seemed to like their rumba, giving them a score of eight points, which was matched by his co-judges Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba.

New episodes of Dancing With The Stars air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.