'Duck Dynasty' Stars Phil, Jase and Al Robertson Speak out About Drive-By Shooting in New Podcast Episode

Duck Dynasty stars Phil, Jase and Al Robertson are recalling the intense situation they found themselves Friday when their Louisiana estate was hit by gunfire during a drive-by shooting. In Wednesday's episode of the Unashamed With Phil Robertson podcast, Phil recalled reaching for a weapon when he first heard gunfire.

"Well, I got the .22 in my hand and I said not enough weapon. I said, 'Let me go – that sounded like at the gate up here,'" he recalled. "I said, 'That's where it sounds like they are. So I said, well, let me just get up here and get that AR and I'll go up there."

Ultimately, Phil decided not to confront the gunman. "But then I stopped. I said, 'Wait a minute, I'm behind a locked gate. If they crash the gate, they'll be here in just a little bit," he said. "I said, 'I go up there and it's a bunch of drunk teenagers shooting at the signs, shooting my gate [and] I get the AR and kill them all – I probably would end up on the wrong side of this thing.’ They're not at my house. They are on the side of the road, and a bunch of drunk teenagers who drank too much beer and who are somebody's children. And I'm sitting there and I kill all of them. I'm like, ‘That just won't play well.’"

Jase added that he was taking a nap at the time of the gunfire. "So I hear something – because very few things wake me up. Gunshots usually wake me up," he recalled. "But I was kind of like you, even though I'm in town, I'm in a gated neighborhood. Most of the people in my neighborhood, they're my family. So I'm like, ‘OK.’ My dog barked. So I'm like, ‘What was that? I don't know.’"

Al jumped in, "And we're not in the city limits where we live, but we're pretty close. We're close. But in other words, we do hear some shooting from time to time. The refuge is right behind us, you know."

Getting a call from his mother about the shooting, Jase realized what he had heard was gunfire, and he leaped into action. "So I had a rifle and a shotgun within 10 seconds in both hands, because what I'm thinking, I need some weapons because I'm thinking house-to-house. I was doing it in my head. I didn't know if the guy is on foot. I don't know. That's all I got," he said. "So I get my weapons and I'm like, ‘Where's my family?’ And so I do a quick search of the house and I see no one. And so I look outside, of course, I'm looking for foe or my family."


Deciding that with a "live threat" on his family's land he wouldn't be a "sitting duck," Jase added, "I mean, if I go down – I'm fixed to go look here.' So I kind of went through a process in my mind, 'OK, I may have to shoot somebody. I'm fine with that.'" In the end, no one was injured by the shots, and police soon arrested Daniel King Jr., 38, who told officers he was drinking and checking the safety of his gun when it went off from the car in he was riding passenger. King is facing one count of aggravated assault by drive-by shooting and two charges of criminal neglect of family for the incident

Jase said he would want to "share Jesus" with the shooter, calling him a guy saying "hold my beer," and noting if you commit an "irrational act, you’re not going to get a rational answer." In the end, he praised police for their work. "I have to really give our police and law enforcement two thumbs up because, within 48 hours, they have a suspect that they've arrested," he said.