'Duck Dynasty' Star Updates Fans After Dog Bites Her Face

Former Duck Dynasty star Kay Robertson is on the mend, a few weeks after her dog Bobo bit her [...]

Former Duck Dynasty star Kay Robertson is on the mend, a few weeks after her dog Bobo bit her face. Robertson, 73, was hospitalized late last month after Bobo snapped at her when she tried to kiss the dog goodnight. The Robertson family matriarch is now doing better than expected and might not need surgery.

Robertson sent new photos to TMZ, published Saturday morning. They show her face healing quicker than expected, even though she has not had surgery. She is "looking and feeling much better," according to TMZ. The A&E star's injuries needed stitches and antibiotics and would take a month to heal, she previously said. She also believed she would need plastic surgery, but Robertson now believes this will be unnecessary. She might only need a lip filler "to be as good as new," TMZ reports.

She is still feeling some pain from the injuries, though. It is still painful to chew when eating, she told TMZ. However, this did not stop her from joining her family on a vacation to Alabama. As for Bobo, he has behaved well since the incident and is not showing any aggression at all.

Robertson's husband, Phil Robertson, 75, and their son Jase Robertson opened up about Robertson's injuries during an episode of their Unashamed podcast, a week after the incident. Phil recalled being woken up by Robertson in the middle of the night with a rag covering her mouth. "I said, 'Move that rag a minute,'" Phil recalled. "She takes the rag off her face, and I'm looking at her top lip, [it] was split in two, about a quarter of an inch. That's a big cut."

Phil decided Robertson needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible, and he texted Jase, who instantly understood it was a serious situation. "I know my dad well. I thought, 'if my dad drove my mom to the hospital, this is bad,'" Jase, 51, explained. "This is the same guy who if you don't have a body part detached or you're not bleeding profusely, he's like 'Oh you're alright.'"

Robertson told her husband the incident was not Bobo's fault, and the dog remains a beloved part of the family. She told TMZ Bobo was startled when she awoke him to kiss him goodnight. "After she told the story, she reminded me it wasn't his fault...he was startled," Phil explained on Unashamed.

Bobo has been a member of the family for over a decade. In a 2013 interview with AL.com, Robertson said Bobo played an important part in her daily routine. "Every morning I like to sit and pray out on my porch with Bobo and JayJay... look at the trees, hear the squirrels and birds," she said at the time. "It's as if God is waiting for me to wake up and enjoy the trees and animals."