Duane 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Chapman to Play Himself in New Movie 'Hunting God'

Dog the Bounty Hunter will be taking on a new challenge as he tests out his acting chops in the faith-based thriller Hunting God, in which he will play a supporting role, Deadline reported Friday. Duane "Dog" Chapman will reportedly be playing himself in the film, which has yet to declare a release date, alongside a cast including Wesley Truman Daniel, Ann Sonneville, and Mickey O'Sullivan.

According to IMDb, Hunting God follows the story of a recent widower who reunites with old church friends to film a hunting show in the remote woods, where a supernatural presence forces him to confront his faith.

Director Justin Jackola told Deadline, "This isn't your grandfather's faith-based film. Our goal is to break the mold and hopefully inspire more fresh and innovative content. We're thrilled to have Dog on board. He brings a level of understanding and compassion to the film no one else could match."

Dog certainly has been through the ringer lately, being open about relying on his faith as he mourns the loss of wife Beth Chapman in June to complications associated with her cancer diagnosis. In the Dog's Most Wanted Season 1 finale, the reality personality revealed he was struggling with suicidal thoughts after her death, telling the cameras, "I'm so glad I had her the little time that I did."

"I'm only been alone as I showered and I had to run out of there without a towel, because I can't be alone right now. That's when I start thinking about things," he added, beginning to tear up. "And I start to take a nap, and I reached over to touch something and it was the freakin' dog."

"I don't realize yet psychologically that she's gone and I'll never ever see her," he continued. "I don't realize that. I just hope I don't live very much longer without her, because now she made the first step, she's through the gate. She's paved the way for me."

Soon after Beth's death, Dog was hospitalized for chest pain he was experiencing, but what doctors feared was initially a heart attack was due to stress and high blood pressure.


"It feels much better now. And I'm going through some psychological things right now too, so that doesn't help," Dog told KDVR recently. "I think, basically, I had a broken heart. And of course, it's going to heal."

Photo credit: Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images