Dr. Pimple Popper Is Coming to TV

A pimple popping program is coming to television thanks to TLC. The network has greenlit a series [...]

A pimple popping program is coming to television thanks to TLC. The network has greenlit a series based on Dr. Sandra Lee's popular Dr. Pimple Popper videos.

TLC aired a special in January, which attracted 1.2 million viewers, reports The Wrap. The Discovery-owned network is hoping those viewers were not completely grossed out and will want to see more.

Each episode of the new series will feature unique dermatology cases for Lee to solve with the medical team at her California office. They will have to find the right method to squeeze, pop and remove pimples and cysts, using their arsenal of syringes and scalpels.

TLC posted casting information, calling for anyone interested in having their own pimples popped on television for everyone to see.

"Do you have a lipoma or cyst? Are you suffering from severe blackheads or acne? Do you have an undiagnosed skin condition that is negatively affecting you? We want to hear your story and possibly have Dr. Lee help change your life," reads the casting notice.

Lee is an internet celebrity, with over 3.4 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. Her most popular video, showing the removal of a blackhead from an 85-year-old woman, has over 37 million views in two years.

"I think it's a strong reaction either way. Usually, people are either really obsessed with it like you are. It captivates you. And then there's the opposite, people who cannot even stand it," Lee told Mental Floss when asked why people are so addicted to her videos. "I really think that people like this because, in general, it makes them happy, for multiple reasons. Either it relaxes you, decreases your anxiety as you feel a sense of completeness. It gets rid of your compulsions. It's like something is not there anymore that isn't supposed to be there."

Lee started building an audience with her Instagram videos. She has 2.6 million followers there. A video she shared on Thursday now has over 667,000 views.

"Most YouTube channels are for entertainment, and I'm doing mine for education," Lee told Forbes. "But, if you're doing something like these popping videos for entertainment they might be taken off. It has to be medically educational. That's mostly been helpful for me me because I am an educator and dermatologist."

TLC has not said when Lee's series will debut.