'Dog's Most Wanted': Duane 'Dog' Chapman Reportedly Looking Forward to Seeing 'Beth Smile Again'

When Dog's Most Wanted finally debuts on WGN America next month, one person will definitely be watching, star Duane "Dog" Chapman himself. He is reportedly excited to see the premiere because he can relive some of the sweet moments he had with his late wife, Beth Chapman, just before her death. Beth died in June at age 51.

"Dog is looking forward to relive some great moments and memories of Beth when the new show comes out," a source close to Chapman told HollywoodLife Wednesday. "He actually can't wait to see what fans and friends of Beth think about the show."

"The show as time goes by will always represent what Beth would want and she will be a part of every episode in one way or another. She will be on Dog's mind constantly and he will always refer to what she would want as the show continues," the source continued. "They were proud of this show and Dog is looking forward to seeing the world see the love he had for Beth and to see a show that is going to be entertaining as hell."

Filming on Dog's Most Wanted Season 1 happened last fall, just after Beth's throat cancer returned and it spread to other parts of her body. Despite her health issues, Beth continued to take part in production, even hunting down criminals with her husband. She was prominently featured in early promotional art for the show and is expected to be in the premiere. One of the most recent teasers included a scene with Chapman by Beth's side in the hospital.

"It will be bittersweet for Dog to relive the memories of Beth when their show premieres next month," another source told HollywoodLife.

The second source said Chapman is still "very much grieving" but seeing the show will "also bring him peace and comfort knowing she spent her last days doing exactly what she wanted to do."

"Beth was very clear that she wanted to be on the show, it was her choice all the way and her main reason for wanting to do it was for her family," a third source told the outlet. "This show is like one last gift from her. Being able to see her smile again, hear her laugh, it's such a blessing. Her spirit is still very much with them but it's a big comfort having all the footage from the show, the whole family is so grateful to have it."

Earlier this week, Beth's daughter Bonnie revealed that lung cancer was her mother's cause of death.


"A lot of places have been reporting that she passed away to her throat cancer, but it was actually stage IV lung cancer in the end," Bonnie said. "She did try one round of chemo... And it did not go well for her. She had very severe symptoms."

Dog's Most Wanted will kick off on Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 9 p.m. ET on WGN America.