Leland Chapman's Wife Jamie Pilar Slams 'Keyboard Warriors' Amid 'Hateful' Comments on Christmas

While Leland Chapman and his wife, Jamie Pilar have been showered with love this past week following a series of steamy snapshots of the two posted to their social media, the Dog the Bounty Hunter daughter-in-law has also been fighting off "keyboard warriors" criticizing her every move. In a post shared to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Dec. 24, Jamie shared a message for troll comments received from a slew of users, shared in the comments section of her photos and via direct message.

(Photo: Jamie Pilar / @jamiepchapman)

With the message overlaying a GIF from the movie Bruce Almighty of lead, Jim Carrey typing ferociously at a computer, Jamie wrote that she was officially over all the hateful comments during the Christmas holidays.

"To all keyboard warriors, as much as I love talking s— back to those of you who have been hateful lately. Today and tomorrow, I will not be participating due to it being Christmas Eve and Christmas Day," Jamie wrote. "So in other words, be nice or say nothing at all. If you can't control yourselves like grown adults, then know now that I will block you from ALL accounts."

Concluding her message with a kissing emoji, she wrote simply: "Merry Christmas Eve."

While the "hateful comments" might have been worth addressing, many fans showed Jamie and her husband, Leland Chapman a lot of love over their tender photos, eliciting warmth and tenderness over the lovey-dovey snaps. With a number of images showing the couple embracing in the bathtub and in their bedroom, the boudoir and risqué snaps are a mixture of classic Christmas romance and a steamy intimacy expected from the pair.

Jamie shared another new snapshot to her account on Christmas Eve, with fans continuing the love fest toward the Dog the Bounty Hunter stars as she captioned the set of snaps to a Johnny Cash quote.

"You are seriously one of the most beautiful humans inside and out!" one fan wrote. "I was showing my 11 year old daughter your feed and she was blown away by your tats and how beautiful you are!!!"

"You look so happy together enjoy life best wishes x," added another.


Jamie has been a supportive presence for husband in the months following the loss of Beth. Shortly after the matriarch's passing, she shared a loving photo alongside her husband to express just how much she cared and wanted to support him amid his own health troubles. "I hope you know how much I truly love you."

Photo credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images for Electus