'Dog the Bounty Hunter' and His Fiancee Step out Together for Church Visit

Duane "Dog" Chapman and fiancée Francie Frane are feeling "so blessed" after attending a special weekend with pastor Robby Dawkins at 970.church in Colorado. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star and his wife-to-be shared photos of their time with the church leadership in Grand Junction, Colorado on Instagram over the weekend, calling it "amazing."

"Dog and I were so blessed to be a part of this powerful move (sic) of God with [Robby Dawkins] at 970.church last weekend!" Frane wrote on her own Instagram post of the same photos, which show the couple speaking in front of a group and praying with Dawkins and his team. "Forever in awe of Jesus."

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Chapman and Frane have bonded over their faith after meeting while both were grieving the loss of a spouse. Chapman's wife, Beth Chapman, died in June 2019 after a battle with cancer, and Frane's husband Bob died shortly before her due to his own cancer diagnosis. The pair announced their engagement in May but told PopCulture.com in October they hadn't set a date just yet due to the coronavirus.

"She will not let me open it up to the public, just family and close friends," Chapman said after initially expressing how he would love to invite anyone who wanted to come to celebrate their love. In order to involve fans in their big day, the reality star said Frane agreed to have the ceremony filmed, although they haven't shared any future wedding special plans just yet.

Last month, Chapman had a COVID-19 scare, telling Dr. Mehmet Oz on Feb. 8 that he was seriously concerned that he would die after falling ill to a mysterious sickness, which may or may not have been the coronavirus. "I think anybody right now in America that gets a bad cold or a little bit of a flu, 'ahhh' the COVID alarm goes off in your mind. Fear, 'Oh no! I'm over 60, am I gonna make it?'" he said at the time. "So yeah, I thought, 'Here we go — COVID versus the Dog — here we go.' But, I didn't have it, so thank the Lord." When asked by Oz if he had taken a second COVID test due to his symptoms, Chapman responded that he hadn't, but initially thought he was "almost dying," admitting, "I was saying my last prayers."