Duane 'Dog' Chapman Is All Smiles in New Photo After Revealing 20-Pound Weight Loss With Fiancee Francie Frane

Duane "Dog" Chapman shared a recent photo of himself on Instagram Wednesday, showing off his healthy transformation since losing 20 pounds with the help of fiancee Francie Frane. The Dog the Bounty Hunter star previously opened up about his healthier lifestyle during a stop on The Dr. Oz Show in September. Frane has also focused on getting Chapman to quit smoking for good.

Chapman's new photo shows the 67-year-old at an office in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He did not include a caption to the picture, but hundreds of his fans have provided commentary. "Nice to see that lovely smile again," one fan wrote. "Great picture," another wrote, alongside a heart emoji. "A true legend sitting right there for sure," one more fan added.

During a stop on Dr. Mehmet Oz's show in September, Chapman showed off the 20-pound weight loss, joking that Frane threw out about 40 pounds of food from his house. Frane avoids junk food, but Chapman said he has given her diet a try. "I don't really like to eat what she eats. It's grass, it's dandelions, but I hold my breath and get water and ice and eat it and drink it," he explained. Chapman said adding more vegetables to his diet resulted in a noticeable difference his attitude.

In another appearance on Dr. Oz earlier this month, Chapman and Frane explained how she helped him quit smoking. Her "tactic" was using "love and encouragement," Frane said. "I need him around for the next 20 years at least, so I just keep telling him that," she explained. "I feel like when people are constantly picking at us, that it makes us do the opposite — [it makes us] want to do it, continue to do it more, because we don't want to be picked at all the time. It's reverse psychology, maybe, and loving him out of cigarettes."


Frane and Chapman got engaged in May, less than a year after Chapman's wife Beth died from lung and throat cancer in June 2019. The two bonded over the shared loss of a spouse, as Frane's husband Bob also died from cancer shortly before Beth. Fans initially criticized Chapman for getting engaged so quickly after Beth's death, but he defended his decision and said he will never forget Beth. Chapman even told PEOPLE Beth would not want him to lose Frane.

"You'll never forget the spouse," he told the magazine in May. "You can't help it. I will never forget. But I've got to get out there. I've got to be able to say, 'I came out of this and you can, too.' As a human being, I don't think you look for — not a replacement, because you can never find one. I'm learning that right now."