Dog the Bounty Hunter Frustrates Fans by Charging $200 on Cameo Amid Reported Financial Trouble

Dog The Bounty Hunter fans would love to get a personalized greeting from Duane "Dog" Chapman, but many were shocked to hear it would cost them $200. On Thursday, the Dog's Most Wanted star began selling personalized videos on, and fans were disappointed to see Chapman resort to this method to raise money. Chapman is reportedly facing financial trouble following the death of wife Beth Chapman.

Chapman's team tweeted out a link to Chapman's Cameo page, which includes samples of the personalized messages Chapman has made for fans. More than 50 reviews have been left by fans who thanked Chapman for the videos.

On Twitter, fans were frustrated by the cost.

"Wow I'm kind of disappointed in this whole thing," one fan wrote. "I have so much respect for the Chapman family and have been a fan since day one but to see this and charging people $200 for a personal message, not cool!!! Money shouldn't be an issue, just be kind!!!!"

"Wait a minute so let me get this right for $200 dog will give you a video wow for $200 he better call me on the phone I'm seeing greed smh," another wrote.

"Dog brah let me get a coupon code plz lol I want a cameo but I'm broke at the moment," one person wrote on Chapman's Instagram page.

Other Dog fans defended his actions, telling him to ignore the critics.

"My goodness how rude people can be," one person wrote. "Dog Beth is looking down on you and she is smiling. She doesn't want you to be in pain and if you find someone to make you happy then by all means be happy. People always have something to say but never know the pain of losing someone so dear to them. Be happy Dog and ignore the negativity."

In an interview with The New York Times, published in January, Chapman said he is "broke" due to the expensive medical bills he faced during Beth's battle with cancer. At the time of the interview, Chapman and bounty hunter partner David Robinson was hoping to find a Hawaii fugitive with a bond of $1.5 million to pay off the debt.

Meanwhile, Chapman is facing legal battles over unpaid debts. This month, he is scheduled to give a deposition in Karen and Craig Mills' lawsuit against him for allegedly failing to pay over $100,000 on a $2.24 million mansion he bought from them in 2015. Hawaiian Airlines Elite MasterCard also sued Beth's estate for $73,860.55 in January, and MasterCard filed a claim last month for an unpaid $1,078.78 bill. The Sun also reported Chapman owes more than $5,000 in back taxes from 2019 on his Colorado home.


Chapman is still waiting for Dog's Most Wanted to get renewed for a second season. WGN America has yet to give the green light, even though the first season was a ratings success. The show chronicled Beth's cancer battle and led right up to her death in June. Chapman appeared to hint at a second season when he posted a photo of himself, son Leland Chapman and their bounty hunter crew on Feb. 16. Fans thought they spotted a camera in the background.

Photo credit: Getty Images