Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughter 'Baby Lyssa' Chapman Has Perfect Quote for Coronavirus Pandemic

Dog the Bounty Hunter star Lyssa "Baby Lyssa" Chapman is saying what many people are thinking amid the coronavirus pandemic as she jokingly shared a hilarious meme about the ongoing global health crisis. "I'm gonna be real pissed if I get my s— together and the world ends," Duane "Dog" Chapman's daughter shared, adding only a facepalm emoji in the caption.

Her post definitely hit home for her followers, one of whom commented, "I gotcha on that one lol." "You and me both!" another added, as a third suggested, "Or not even get started..."

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The Chapman family has managed to work out their months-long feud that stemmed from Dog's relationship with late wife Beth Chapman's former assistant, Moon Angell. Despite sniping back and forth at each other on social media about the woman who moved into Dog's house after Beth's death in June due to cancer, the reality television family is back on good terms, Dog told TMZ last month.

"We're good, she's just one of my crazy daughters," the bounty hunter said at the time. "This is how families do, right? We're like normal families, right? We're all nuts. I don't know about the word dysfunctional, but I think we created it."

Proving their point further, Lyssa and Dog reunited in Hawaii alongside Beth's daughter Cecily and Dog's grandson, Dakota Chapman over the weekend, with Lyssa adding on her own page that any disagreement was simply water under the bridge.

"Feels so good to see my Dad and be reminded that love is unconditional and transcendent," Lyssa wrote. She added the hashtag "Crazy as a Chapman."

Lyssa has had some recent personal drama as well, and was placed under arrest on Jan. 30 for allegedly getting into a fight with her girlfriend. She was charged with two misdemeanor counts of harassment, reportedly related to allegedly stalking one man and one woman. No further details about her case have been released at this point.


Photo credit: A&E