Dog the Bounty Hunter's Daughter 'Baby Lyssa' Chapman Directly Calls Him out, Claims He's Blackmailing Her

Duane "Dog" Chapman's feud with his daughter, "Baby Lyssa" Chapman, just took another nasty turn. The father and daughter duo, who both appeared on the reality TV show Dog the Bounty Hunter, has been at odds in recent weeks due to Chapman allowing a family friend, Moon Angell, to move into his home. Lyssa and stepsister Cecily Chapman have voiced concerns based on Angell and her son Justin Bihag's pasts, and things have boiled over into Lyssa directly calling out her father.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, Lyssa, 32, accused her father, 66, of trying to "blackmail" her and reveal details about some apparent suicide attempts in her past.

The rant began on a cryptic note with Lyssa, whose mother is "Big Lyssa" Brittain, upset about how "the one person" that she "believed in" was "fake."

"Realizing everything, and the one person in believed in more than anyone was a fake," Baby Lyssa wrote. "I hope you have a bunch of barking barking snakes."

She also added tweet with just the hashtag "#FalseProfit," which is currently still live.

She then called out Chapman, branding him as a "bastard" who threatened to "tell the world" about her past attempts at taking her own life.

"Been trying so hard to blame a con-artist and her drug addicted son for your actions," Baby Lyssa wrote, referring to Angell and Bihag. "Now I realize, you're just a bastard. I've been fighting an evil when in reality it's all you. It's always been you. YOU are the common denominator. ... Take your best shot. Tell the world about my suicide attempts. Tell the world all my problems you try to blackmail me. I'll tell the world myself. All my problems, my flaws. I own them all ?! HOW ABOUT YOU ?!!

"Speaking to my dad last night he threatened to tell the world about me suicide attempts, So I feel I have to tell the truth myself, before him as his GF can come out against me. Everything I've done I admit to. I'm NOT perfect. I have a history, I have CPTSD, I have relationship problems. I've messed up and will continue to. But I'll never be blackmailed. I'd admit to everything. Because I to learn from my mistakes."

She then added a hashtag for the phrase, "I Know Everything You Got To Say About Me."

Baby Lyssa clarified that one suicide attempt in question occurred "this year." Additionally, she then clarified that the reason she decided to air all this out was her own desire to "take it into (her) own hands" since she was worried her father would somehow leak it.

"Being threatened will never silence me. I've been thinking how I would deal with this news coming out, how would I hide and lie?" she wrote. "Then I decided to take it into my own hands. I will never be blackmailed because I'll admit to my mistakes [and] flaws."

She closed out her rant with a hashtag for the phrase "Here Tell These People Something They Don't Know About Me" and a direct challenge to Dog.

"Come @ me bro @DogBountyHunter," she wrote.


Chapman has not responded to his daughter's accusations as of press time.

Photo Credit: A&E