'Dog the Bounty Hunter' Alum Justin Bihag Responds to Baby Lyssa's Claims of Stealing Beth's Ashes

Dog the Bounty Hunter alum Justin Bihag was recently alleged to have stolen Beth Chapman's ashes, [...]

Dog the Bounty Hunter alum Justin Bihag was recently alleged to have stolen Beth Chapman's ashes, by her step-daughter "Baby" Lyssa, and he has since responded to the claims. In a tweet on Wednesday, Lyssa wrote, "[Justin Bihag] has stolen from my family. He's a drug addict, a liar, a loser piece of shot who continues to harass me and my family." She went on to write, "[Justin Bihag] had been harassing me for months. He's a punk-ass b— who's using my dads vulnerability against him. [He] has tried to rob my family TO MANY TIMES. ALLYEE ALLYEE OX AND FREE YOU LITTLE B—."


Bihag replied to Lyssa's accusations in a series of now-deleted tweets, writing, "So, 'I guess' it's ok nowadays ,to get white girl wasted, give out someone's number, spread drunk babbles that aren't even true, when I'm next to your father right now [Baby Lyssa] working hard as usual, and im sure this was just a bad nite! We all have them! Aloha!

"No, and no, read, White Girl Wasted, I wouldn't be by your dad if it was even close to true!" he added. "I've had bad nights, this u know! More lately for everyone so, and look at HISTORY, I've always came back when needed to! #BeforeDayOne"

"Too funny, anybody can gang up and make something of nothing because of a drunken or bad nite, and believe it, I stand alone against anybody!" Bihag continued. "Nobody is seeing what Uncle wants and needs! I think that's the problem!"

Many of Lyssa's followers have since commented on her accusations, with one writing, "This is disgusting and deplorable and despicable that he tried to do this to you and your Dad and the rest of your family after all the chances your Dad gave him this explains the fender bender to that car."

"Just tell them all to F off!!!!! It feels so good! Its sad we learn who really cares when someone close passes! Your not alone in how you feel I'm right there with u and I understand what your going thru! Just take each day slow & let yourself feel whatever you need too!" another fan exclaimed.

At this time, Lyssa's dad — Duane "Dog" Chapman — does not appear to have commented on her claims against Bihag.