Demi Lovato Is 'Right Here' for 'The Bachelorette's' Mike Johnson

Will former Bachelorette contestant Mike Johnson consider dating Demi Lovato? There's a strong chance, especially after one of the series' most recent episode that had Hannah Brown send Johnson on his way while she was left in tears. However, Lovato did not hesitate to jump in real quick to let him know she's single and ready to mingle.

"I'M RIGHT HERE MIKE I'M RIGHT HERE BOO MY MOM ALREADY LOVES YOU TOO," she wrote as a response to one of his tweets.

The "Confident" singer has voiced the fact that she's been a fan of the San Antonio, Texas portfolio manager since episode one, and now that he's officially back on the market, she's going to give it a try.

"Swing me, kiss me! Boo boo," Lovato said in one of her Instagram stories from Monday night. She also wrote, "Mike I accept your rose" in another snip from her story.

After fans learned that he would not be getting down on one knee for Brown, he sent out a tweet that had the ladies — including Lovato — gushing.

"Jus saying, my future wife though," he wrote. "Girl you ready for smiles, adventure, comfort, growth, honesty, laughter, me falling using my inhaler and kissing your stretch marks and imperfections. Where u hiding?"

Fans were quick to respond, encouraging him to consider the pop singer as his girlfriend.


Someone else was quick to reply with, "SIR......demi lovato said hey," attached to a screenshot of the singer's story.

Another fan wrote, "her instagram name is [Demi Lovato], you should really check her out. she's also a grammy nominated multi-platinum singer/songwriter. she's already willing to accept your rose. we'll be waiting for your response."

The 26-year-old singer has been has been vocal about her being a fan of Mike declaring how "he should win" during the first episode. Additionally, she has also voiced her opinion on not being a fan of Luke Parker — who's been a constant source of drama throughout Season 15.

"Hannah, honey, do not trust him!!!!!!" she wrote in an Instagram story.

She also shouted "Noooo!' while watching Brown hand Parker a rose after eliminating Johnson, Connor Saeli and Garrett Powell.


Now it's down to Parker, Jed, Tyler, and Peter for hometowns next week, but fans are anticipating the upcoming episode where Parker asks her about sex and she can be seen saying goodbye — to who fans believe is Parker — while flipping him off.

The Bachelorette airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.