'Dancing With the Stars' Pro Keo Motsepe Has No Problem Naming Worst Dance Partner

Dancing With the Stars pro Keo Motsepe got to dance with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Chaka Khan, but it was not fun. In his latest interview, the 31-year-old dancer revealed that the Queen of Funk was the one celebrity dance partner he struggled the most with. Motsepe and Khan, 68, danced together in Season 21, and they were the first duo eliminated.

"I'll say Chaka Khan," Motsepe told Us Weekly when asked who his worst celebrity dance partner was. "I’m going to get a call from her!" Motsepe then shared an anecdote from their time together. He once asked her why they had to rehearse so late at night. "That's when I started working," Khan told him. He then asked her if she slept during the day, which would be similar to South African time. "And she goes, ‘Yes, honey!'" he recalled. "So, I had to adjust my schedule, you know? ‘Cause I was like, ’Wow.’ It was just a challenging season."

While Khan's schedule made things tough with her, Motsepe said supermodel Charlotte McKinney was the one partner he had who hated rehearsing. McKinney, 27, took part in DWTS Season 20 and was the second celebrity eliminated. She rose to fame with her Carl's Jr. commercial and starred in the 2017 Baywatch movie.

“Charlotte McKinney did hate practice," Motsepe told Us Weekly. "Charlotte, I love you, but she didn’t love [practice]. I feel like so many celebrities come on the show, you know, they think, ‘Oh, great, just learn the dance and [perform] on Monday’s show.’ No, there’s so much that goes into the show. It’s a huge preparation, huge preparation. So, I think she came in and was like, ’It’s gonna be easy.’ And I was like, ‘No, it’s not. It’s not, you’re going to be facing me every single day and I’m going to annoying you, obviously.’”


Motsepe also danced with Lolo Jones, Jodie Sweetin, Charo, Barbara Corcoran, Jennie Finch Faigle, Evanna Lynch, and Anne Heche. His best finish was in Season 27 when Motsepe and Lynch came in third place. After Season 29 wrapped, he dated contestant Chrishell Stause. Motsepe and the Selling Sunset star dated for three months before splitting in February.

After the split, Stause was not happy with the reporting. One source told PEOPLE Motsepe was "heartbroken" by the split and he hoped the relationship would last. She directly responded to this report by sharing a screenshot on her Instagram Story. "Ok I TRULY wanted to keep this drama-free, but playing the victim and bringing your mom into it is a step too far for me," she wrote in a caption. "Taking the high road is overrated sometimes!! I was also 100% in it as well, until revelations told to me recently have made me question if you could even order a coffee without lying." She also posted a link to the podcast titled "Liar, Liar" How to Break Free from Habitual Lying." Motsepe did not respond to this, but a source told Us Weekly the two are not communicating since their breakup.