'Dancing With the Stars' Faces Controversy for Only Eliminating Women so Far

Dancing With The Stars is facing a new controversy, as many fans have noted that the show has only eliminated female contestants so far.

Per the Washington Post, the reality TV competition series has sent home comedian Nikki Glaser, Paralympic skier Danelle Umstead, actress Nancy McKeon, R&B singer Tinashe, and most recently Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton.

The remaining female contestants are model Alexis Ren and actress Evanna Lynch, who find themselves facing off against six men: country radio host Bobby Bones, The Bachelorette alum Joe Amabile, former NFL star DeMarcus Ware, and actors John Schneider, Milo Manheim and Juan Pablo Di Pace and.

This coincidence has not gone unnoticed by fans, some of which have taken to social media to point it out publicly.

"Sooo... we're just going to eliminate ALL of the women before the mediocre men? America 2018 has come to the ballroom," one fan commented on Twitter.

"So we’re just throwing all the women in the trash this season while there are at least two men who actually belong there? Cool. Thanks," another quipped.

Many have also noticed that the female dancers seemed to get better scores from the judges, and that many of the male dancers — such as Amabile and Schneider — have pretty consistently received low scores.

The biggest shock for fans came when Tinashe was eliminated, as many felt that she was one of the strongest talents the show has ever had in a celebrity contestant.

Following her elimination, Tinashe took to Twitter to share a personal message about her time on the show.


"My experience on [Dancing With The Stars] was SO much fun. I made so many new friends & had such an awesome partner to share it with," she wrote. "Thank u [Brandon Strong] for teaching me so much & being a great friend. [Love you] BranBran. And Thank u 2 everyone else on the show for being so sweet."

Dancing With The Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET.