Dads of 'Teen Mom' Reportedly Have 'Diva Demands' for Season 8 Reunion

Teen Mom doesn't shy away from drama, and it turns out that the dads of the show may just be as big of divas as the moms.

This past weekend, the cast of Teen Mom and some of the cast of Teen Mom OG were flown out to Los Angeles to film the season 8 reunion special, which is to be aired tonight. According to The Ashley, the coach tickets provided to some of the cast weren't up to the dads' standards.

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Multiple sources reported that several of the dads demanded to be flown first class and even threatened not to appear on the reunion if their demands were not met. It is reported that one dad even demanded that his significant other be flown first class. Their requests were quickly shutdown by MTV, who allegedly told them not to come if they continued to demand first class.

It was only recently that the girls of the show began having the luxury of flying first class along with a guest of their choice, mostly due to concerns of their rising fame and the harassment that they and their children sometimes encounter when flying coach.

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"The show pays for the guys to come to the reunion, and will pay for their significant other or guest to come as well," a source told The Ashley. "But the network said no way would they pay for first class for the guys, who are just supporting characters on the show. The guys get a coach ticket, though, and that probably won't change," the source said. "They are reminded that they are free to come out-of-pocket and upgrade their coach ticket if they'd like."


It is not known which dads had the diva demands, but it is alleged that Adam Lind, who did not sign a season 8 contract and has not appeared on the show since, was not one of them as he was not planning on attending the reunion at all.

Teen Mom 2 airs its reunion special on Monday at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.