'Counting On' Star Jinger Duggar's Latest Photo of Daughter Felicity Sparks Pregnancy Speculation

Counting On star Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo shared an adorable photo of daughter Felicity with a coffee cup, which could only mean one thing according to some of her fans: Vuolo is pregnant again.

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(Photo: Instagram/Jinger Vuolo)

The photo, shared on Tuesday, shows Felicity holding a coffee cup with "decaf" written on it. "'Don’t worry, mom! It’s only decaf,'" Vuolo wrote in the caption, adding a winking emoji.

Since the coffee is decaffeinated, this sparked theories among Vuolo's fans that the 25-year-old is pregnant again because, according to them, someone who is pregnant would only drink decaf coffee. Other fans said that was no reason to assume she was pregnant, and that a mother breastfeeding might chose to avoid caffeine.

"If she’s nursing it’s probably best to stay away from caffeine," one person wrote. "Sometimes babies will be affected by caffeine. I drank decaf coffee when I was nursing so maybe she’s not pregnant. Either way whatever she wants to do it’s up to her. Enjoy the coffee and cheers!"

"Why are people so obsessed with whether she’s pregnant or not? Maybe she just likes tea and decaf coffee," another fan wondered.

"Stop asking if people are pregnant. It's not polite," one fan wrote.

"My husband only drinks decaf coffee maybe he’s pregnant," another joked.

According to Baby Center, it is safe for working mothers to drink caffeinated coffee, but it is suggested not to "overdo" it. Less than 1 percent of the caffeine entering a mother's bloodstream will end up in breastmilk and the amount in the mother's milk will peak a couple of hours after drinking. The site notes that some experts say no more than 300 milligrams of caffeine per day is okay.

The American Pregnancy Association also says that moderate levels of caffeinated drinks during pregnancy "have not been found to have a negative effect on pregnancy," according to some experts.

Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy, opened up about the struggles of Felicity's birth, which was a major story in Counting On Season 9. Unlike her sisters and mother, Vuolo gave birth to Felicity at a birth center instead of their home.

"My mom and quite a few of my sisters have done home births and for me, I don’t feel comfortable with it. I think I feel safer being in a birth center where they have a lot more things that you would need for care and also being closer to a really good hospital," Vuolo explained on Counting On.

“One of the factors for why we chose a birthing center — and specifically the one we chose — is because it is literally a minute away from multiple hospitals: a children’s hospital and two others," Jeremy added. "And so if there’s any complication whatsoever, we’ve pretty much got immediate care."


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Photo credit: Instagram/Jinger Vuolo