Fans React to Duggar Family's February Return of 'Counting On'

On Wednesday, the Duggar family announced that their TLC show, Counting On, would return in February for its seventh season, giving fans a brand new update on what their favorite Duggars have been up to.

As with any Duggar announcement, fans had thoughts, with may sharing their reactions on the family's blog, where the return was revealed.

Plenty of fans were thrilled to hear that the show would be returning, writing that they couldn't wait to see more of the family's lives.

"Very excited that it is coming back sooner than later," one person wrote, while another added, "Looking forward to seeing what will happen to everyone this year!!"

Many offered their congratulations to the three members of the family — Joseph Duggar's wife, Kendra and Duggar daughters Jinger and Joy-Anna — who are all currently expecting their first children.

"Congrats to J&J on the baby news and thank you TLC for keeping them on," read one comment.

"Congratulations to Jinger and Jeremy and JoyAnn and Austin and Joseph and Kendra," another well-wisher wrote.

Others shared what they would like to see during the upcoming season.

"More information about the older twins and their courting please," one fan requested.

"Wondering who will be in the next courtship?" another queried.

There were also commenters who aren't exactly fans of the series.

"TLC does not listen to viewers," one person wrote. "Can't believe the show is still on the air."

Counting On returns on Monday, Feb. 26.


Photo Credit: TLC