'Counting On': Jinger Duggar Mom-Shamed for Not Covering Power Outlets Near Her Daughter

The way that Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo and her daughter Felicity Vuolo are passing time during social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic is proving controversial. The Counting On star was slammed by mom-shamers following her April 1 Instagram post, which showed her 20-month-old daughter adorably "chatting" on the phone. Several concerned onlookers, however, took issue with the uncovered power outlets.

"Our little social butterfly always loves a good chat with a friend," Vuolo captioned the post, which shows Felicity sweetly holding the phone to her ear. "In these days of social distancing, let's not forget to pick up the phone and call a loved one."

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Although many fans couldn't help but comment on how cute the photo was, some amazed by fast Felicity is growing, several more took issue. As the comments section quickly filled, a number of people slammed Vuolo for allowing her child to unsafely play near uncovered power outlets.

"Cute! but cover the Wall Sockets please!" wrote one person, who went on to explain their concern in several other comments. "I'm not parenting..just giving a suggestion, don't want her hurt. I i guess i have to clarify to make sure she blocks her cords in her house. I knew someone who bit it, and was electrocuted, needing plastic surgery at a young age. I don't trust any toddler near one, anything can go in it..playdough, etc."

"My baby is 6mths and i just bought plug covers," commented another person.

Even more people were eager to come to Vuolo's defense, bashing those criticizing her parenting. One person jokingly wrote that they "knew the wall plug comments were coming as soon as I saw the pic. Mind your business [people], mind yo business."

"Seriously. I've raised two daughters they're 35 and 38 and I've helped raise five grandkids and we never recovered our wall sockets such a petty thing to criticize somebody for," added another. "They're doing a good job and their wonderful parents. There's always somebody in the world that has to be rude and nosey."


"She's in a hotel people," pointed out somebody else. "She's not going to carry wall socket covers and baby proof everywhere she goes. Give this girl a damn break."

For her part, Vuolo has seemingly ignored the haters and hasn't responded to any of the comments. In recent weeks, the TLC reality star has been keeping fans updated on her family's experiences amid the global pandemic, even recently showing off the masks they have been wearing.