'Counting On': Duggar Couple Weds in Packed Ceremony After Secret Engagement

Jedidiah Duggar and his fiancee, Katey Nakatsu, married on Saturday in Arkansas, just a few weeks after his younger brother Justin Duggar was married. The news also comes after Jed's secret engagement, as he never publicly announced he was even courting Nakatsu. It was not until last month that a photo of the couple, with Nakatsu clearly wearing an engagement ring, surfaced. There were rumors the two began courting as far back as Christmas.

Jed's twin brother Jeremiah Duggar, 22, acted as his best man, Hello! Magazine reports. Nakatsu's sister was her maid of honor. The bride wore a white lace gown, complete with a tulle skirt and three-quarter length sleeves. The wedding ceremony was reportedly streaming on YouTube for friends and family who could not attend in person, but the video was quickly made private. Felicity Vuolo, the daughter of Jed's sister Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo and Jeremy Vuolo, was a flower girl.

The pair's first kiss was off-camera, after Nakatus read a verse from Proverbs 31, "I will submit to your authority as you submit to Christ." Jed's parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were there, as well as Joy-Anna (Duggar) Forsyth and her husband, Austin Forsyth. Jed's sister Jana Duggar was also there. Her rumored boyfriend Stephen Wissman was pictured at a pre-wedding dinner.

While members of the Duggar family usually publicly announce when they start a courtship, Jed and Nakatsu never announced anything. In March, the Instagram page Without a Crystal Ball shared photos of Jed and Nakatsu together, including one with Nakatsu wearing an engagement ring. Other Duggar fans took out their digital magnifying glasses and noticed Nakatsu's name was over a pumpkin during Halloween time at the Duggar home. Jessa (Duggar) Seewald also joked about her brother Jed, 22, having a "darling" in a November YouTube video. Some allegedly "leaked" photos of Jed proposing to Nakatsu also surfaced, but these were suspected to be Photoshopped. One Reddit sleuth even claimed to have found their wedding registry.


Jed's wedding was the second Duggar wedding of 2021. In late February, his 18-year-old brother Justin married Claire Spivey, 19. Unlike Jed's secret nuptials, Justin's courtship process was traditional for the Duggars, even if Justin and Spivey moved quickly. They announced their courtship in a September video and they announced their engagement two months later. The Duggar family also publicized Justin and Spivey's wedding on their Instagram page, which they didn't do for Jed.