Duggar Sibling Might Have Secretly Gotten Engaged

Another Duggar sibling seems to be engaged, though the family hasn't taken the news public yet. New photos show 22-year-old Jed Duggar with Katey Nakatsu wearing a diamond ring and are circulating on Duggar fan pages on social media. However, Jed and his family have not even announced a courtship yet, let alone an engagement.

Jed is the twin brother of Jeremiah Duggar and is best-known for running for office in November of 2020. He has never commented publicly on rumors of courtship with Nakatsu, but the Instagram page Without A Crystal Ball posted photos of the two together last month, along with rumors that they began courting as long ago as Christmas. This, combined with observations and theories from the show itself, have many fans speculating about Jed's romantic prospects.

Attentive fans noted Nakatsu's name over a pumpkin at the Duggar home back at Halloween time, and some also noticed that Jed's older sister, Jessa Seewald, teased him about "a darling" in one of her YouTube videos in November. Earlier this month, allegedly "leaked" photos began to circulate among fan accounts showing Jed and Nakatsu's proposal. These could have been Photoshopped, but some fans are holding out hope.

Last week, another bombshell in this case dropped when fans on Reddit claimed to have discovered Jed and Nakatsu's wedding registry on the Zola Registry. Fans are speculating that they will hold a small wedding next month, with a small guest list due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nakatsu's family holds to very similar religious structures as the Duggars, meaning the young couple would most likely have followed the family courtship protocols rather than conventional "dating." According to a report by Hello! Magazine, Nakatsu is 22 years old and has served in ministry services, including one stint in a Florida prison ministry. She reportedly intended to continue this work up until her marriage.


That may come sooner than expected if the rumors turn out to be true, but so far they are based mostly on speculation. The official Duggar family accounts have not commented yet, but they sometimes keep updates quiet in order to preserve them for TV.

Love is in the air for the Duggar family these days, as Jed's younger brother Justin just got married as well. He and Claire Spivey tied the knot in December, and fans can hardly wait for the TV show to return for the full details. Counting On Season 11 wrapped up in December, and so far there is no word on when new episodes might be coming.