Another Duggar Kid Is Reportedly Courting

Another member of the Duggar family may be courting. A little over a month after it was rumored that Jana Duggar was courting family friend Stephen Wissman, the Without a Crystal Ball podcast reported that Jeremiah Duggar may also be courting a member of the Wissman family. According to the outlet, Jeremiah is reportedly courting Hannah Wissman.

The Wissman and Duggar families are quite close. So, the news that Jeremiah may be courting Hannah isn't too much of a surprise. As the Without a Crystal Ball account noted, Jeremiah appears to be following in the footsteps of his twin brother, Jed. While Jed has not spoken publicly about a courtship, Hello! Magazine reported in March that Jed proposed to Katey Nakatsu. They reportedly got engaged sometime around the Christmas holiday.

If Jeremiah is indeed courting, he may not be the only member of the family to be doing so. In early March, it was reported that Jana might have been secretly courting Stephen Wissman, Hannah's older brother. This speculation began after a photo emerged that showcased Jana and Stephen celebrating Christmas with his family. While the photo has since been deleted, it didn't take long for the snap to cause Counting On fans to speculate about Jana's love life.

Back in 2020, Jana spoke about the subject of courting. She told PEOPLE that she "used to be a little more strict" when it came to dating, but those requirements have shifted as she's gotten older. Jana told the publication, "I think as time has gone on, I've found I do love to travel more than I thought I did. So now, it's more like, okay, if I really love the guy, I'll follow him to the ends of the earth. I'll want to go wherever he is. So far, I just haven't found that one." In September 2020, in an episode of Counting On, Jana, 31, addressed the fact that many of her siblings got married young. She said that this has caused some people to speculate about her own love life, saying, "some people are like, 'Are you picky?' I'm like, 'I don't think so.'" At that point, a friend said that others may wonder, "what's wrong with you," and Jana replied, "Yes! And then I think, wait... 'Oh my, is there?'"