'Counting On' Fans Slam Anna Duggar Over Family Photo: 'Take Care of Your Own Baby'

Counting On fans are slamming Anna Duggar over a recent family photo, wherein her oldest daughter Mackynzie, 10, was holding her baby sister Maryelle. One user who saw the photo commented, "Take care of your own baby," seemingly blasting Duggar for not holding the baby herself. Duggar did not respond to the message, but other users did, with one replying, "I loved babies at that age. I loved babysitting. She's holding [her] own sister. Come on, are you serious even putting this? Wow!!!" Someone else offered, "I was baby crazy at that age, and my girl cousins and I would fight over who got the baby. No one ever had to force a baby on me."

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In the caption on the post, which also featured photos of her sons, Duggar wrote, "Nerf-gun wars & legos have kept us entertained this weekend! Hope you're having as much fun as we are having at Pops & Lolli's house!"

Not everyone chided Duggar over the image of Mackynzie holding Maryelle, as many of her followers were supportive. "Mackenzie (sic) holding her little sister like a professional," one said.

"It must be great having 6 kiddos Anna and Josh all growing up together McKenzie (sic) holding baby Maryella like a professional mumma great kids you should be proud," another commented.

"These are three beautiful, precious girls! What a wonderful family you have! Feel you, Anna are an amazing, loving blessing to your family!" someone else exclaimed.

"All the 6 M's. I love your children to pieces and I still admire how you and Josh gave your children M names for their grandmother Duggar and how Maryella was named after her late great grandma Duggar," one last user said.

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Ahead of this most recent controversy, Duggar got Instagram users heated by sharing photos of her and her family attending a pro-life rally.


Many users took issue with the situation, with one commenting, "Until every 'pro lifer' is willing to take on the adoption/ fostering of the 'lives' they are trying to save, I can't take them seriously. The babies turn into neglected, unwanted, or drug affected children/adults/teens- but no one seems to want to picket for their lives or take responsibility for Them after birth!"

However, one other user added, "It's so funny seeing these comments about people judging and bashing Anna for taking her kids. Everyone had the right to their own opinions but what you don't have the right to do is judge. I am pro-choice but I can fully respect others views as others should respect yours. We don't have to agree but we have to be kind!"