'Counting On': Derick Dillard Brought Up Pregnancy Questions During Instagram Live, and Jill Duggar Does Not Seem Pleased

Counting On fans are speculating that all is not well in Jill Duggar's marriage to husband Derick Dillard after he brought up pregnancy speculation during a recent Instagram Live. The couple had taken part in the rare live stream over the weekend, and talk quickly turned to the possibility of them adding baby No. 3 to their family sometime soon. Duggar and Dillard are already parents to 4-year-old Israel and 2-year-old Samuel.

When the idea of having another child was borught up, Duggar had quickly shut the speculation down with a firm "No," to which Dillard added, "We're not going to be pregnant this year."

"We aren't gonna have a baby or we're not gonna get pregnant?" Duggar asked her husband to clarify.

"We're definitely not having a baby this year," he explained. "That's biologically, pretty close to impossible."

The awkward interaction had some fans on Reddit talking, with many believing that Duggar appeared "annoyed" with her husband.

"For all her talk about 'best hubby ever,' most of the times we see her unscripted, she's annoyed with him," one person wrote.

"I just watched it and it was so awkward. She looked SO annoyed tbh," another added.

"I am not surprised that it sounds like Derick is the one wanting fewer kids," a third fan added in response to several comments suggesting that Dillard may be the one reluctant to expand their family. "Jill seems to love being pregnant even if she's overwhelmed with the two she has when they're here. At least this means that, according to Derick's "plan", they won't have another until Sam is closer to 3 or 4 and Izzy is 5 or 6."

As with any member of the Duggar family, baby talk is never far. In fact, following a tour of her new home that she gave earlier this month, some speculated that it signaled that Duggar and Dillard were done having kids.

The new four-bedroom, two-bath home leaves little room for their family to expand, with one bedroom being used as an office, one as a joint bedroom for sons Israel and Gideon, one as a master bedroom, and one as a guest bedroom, meaning that there is currently no room for a nursery for any future babies.


That being said, during their Instagram Live, Dillard didn't completely shut down the possibility of having more children, stating that he wants "at least two."