Christina Anstead Reveals Husband Ant Said 'I Love You' After Their First Date

Christina Anstead's love connection with husband Ant was almost immediate, the HGTV star revealed [...]

Christina Anstead's love connection with husband Ant was almost immediate, the HGTV star revealed during Thursday's episode of Christina on the Coast while meeting with her then-beau for some cheering up after her offer on a new family home was rejected. Heading to the Wheeler Dealer host's garage, Christina ran into friend Walter Buttkus, the man who introduced the two lovebirds, she revealed.

"He is a bit of a matchmaker," Christina told the camera after running into their mutual connection. "He set us up on a blind date and loves the chance to re-tell the story anytime he can."

Buttkus certainly had a great time retelling their first date story, revealing the two "had a great date of it" at dinner and a winery. It wasn't long after, he continued, that Ant was sure he would spend the rest of his life with Christina.

"I think it was just a couple of days later that he said to me, 'I'm marrying that girl one day,'" he recalled.

The romantic timeline added up with Christina's memory, as she explained that just a few days after their first date, Ant told her he was in love with her.

"It was a couple of days later that me and him were at Fashion Alley eating ice cream," Christina detailed, only to interrupted briefly by her mildly embarrassed beau.

"Sorry," Christina told her man, shrugging off the protest. "He looked at me and he was like, 'I love you.'"

Ant did look a little embarrassed to have the story told in mixed company, smiling and saying, "Walter, you should go now."

"This is way way too much," Walter agreed, grinning as he left the two alone in the garage.

Christina insisted the story was too "sweet" to be kept private, but Ant joked that she was mostly "just mean."

After marrying in December, the two announced in March they would be expecting their first child together, a little boy.

Christina on the Coast airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on HGTV.

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