Christina Anstead's Husband Ant Rebukes 'Christina on the Coast' Fan Over Scathing Comment

Ant Anstead did not appreciate a fan's comment in his throwback post about his Bora Bora honeymoon with wife Christina. The HGTV personality took to Instagram Friday to reminisce about he and his wife's lavish vacation post-nuptials with a series of photos and videos taken on the island.

"[Oh my God]. check these out!" he wrote in the caption of the elaborate post. "6 months ago!!! And these popped up on my phone! Time is flying!!! Been a rough few weeks of sick kids, third trimester agonies and a painful operation!! I wouldn't mind heading back to Bora Bora and getting a couple of days recovery in (recovery = sandy feet and cocktails) [sunglasses emoji and a red heart] what a MAGICAL time that was [Christina Anstead]."

One Instagram user seemed bothered by Anstead's emotional post, taking issue with him presumably flaunting his wealth with his numerous photos and clips.

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"Awesome, your (sic) rich and showy," the user wrote on the post.

Antstead did not seem happy about the commented, responding: "I earn every penny I work for. I Suggest you unfollow me. (two waving hands emoji) X x"

The commenter did not stay silent, surprisingly and wrote back: "Don't be such a tool bag. I follow your wife. She is amazing!!" Ant did not bother to respond further. But plenty of Anstead and Christina's fans did, following up with clapbacks to the user, dreamermule13.

(Photo: Instagram/Ant Anstead)

Christina celebrated the couple's six-month wedding anniversary last week, posting a sweet note for Antstead. The pair began seeing each other in October 2017 and tied the knot in a surprise wedding ceremony in December 2018. Back in March, they announced they are expecting their first child together.

"Six months of marriage with you and look at where life has already taken us. Baby on the way, amazing career opportunities, travel adventures. Manifesting those vision board goals with you is a dream. [Ant] love you and love this life with you," Christina wrote on the caption of the photo.

Antstead also honored the special occasion at the time with his own post, writing: "Woah!! six months ago today!! Time is flying by really fast! And we have done SO MUCH already! Very proud of this special lady! My WIFE,"

The couple celebrated Christina's baby shower earlier this week, with Antstead saying he walked "into the lions den" when he stopped by.


"Just dropped into the baby shower (basically imagine walking into the lions den!!!)" he elaborated. "At least the deserts were off the scale. Grabbed what I could! blessed to have so many close friends!! Think I will leave the ladies to it! X"