Chrishell Stause Has Plea for 'Selling Sunset' Fans

Chrishell Stause told Selling Sunset fans that sending her co-star Nicole Young death threats was going "way too far." A major plotline in Season 6 involves a drama between Stause and series newcomer Young over disputed credit for properties sold to Oppenheim Group clients. Stause also sought to clear up other claims about their drama that simply are not true.

"It's been brought to my attention that Nicole's camp is reporting receiving death threats to several outlets. Being on a reality show on such a huge platforms makes for an influx of feedback and I am certainly not a stranger to death threats after six seasons," Stause wrote in a May 25 Instagram Story post, reports Entertainment Tonight. "Your opinions help make this show what it is and clearly I have my own. But let's keep it fun please."

Stause then spoke directly to fans. "I do not ever think that death threats are OK... You guys, please, that's going way too far," she said. "So not OK... please don't do that."

The Dancing With the Star competitor also wanted to "correct a narrative" about her dispute with Young. This dispute centers on Stause receiving credit for sales that Young thinks should be credited to her instead. There were rumors that Young and Stause have been feuding for years and were never friends in the first place. Stause attempted to disprove this by sharing emails to clients from January 2022, with Young CC'd. She also posted screenshots of friendly messages between the two on social media from last summer.

"I'm not trying to keep this going. I think this is as stupid as you guys do, but here we are," Stause told her fans. "I just want to end this. I don't want there to be two sides when I have this to show you."

However, a source told PEOPLE that social media DMs are only part of the story. "The girls have been feuding for years about the listing that Chrishell took credit for," the source claimed. Young's friendly messages to Stause were an "olive branch after a long time of arguing and disagreements," as she wanted to tell Stause she was offered a role on the show and offered to meet her for lunch. The messages showed Stause appearing to be open to lunch, but there was never a follow-up from Stause later, the source said.

Stause and Young's dispute reached a fever pitch when they got into an argument in front of clients. At one point, Stause accused Young of being on drugs. Young then left the dinner in tears and she decided to take a drug test the next day to prove Stause's claims weren't true. Young later told PEOPLE she was "absolutely gutted" by Stause's accusations. Selling Sunset Season 6 is streaming in full on Netflix.