Chelsea Houska and Maci Bookout Bash Their Exes’ Drug Use on ‘Teen Mom 2’

MTV cast members, Chelsea Houska and Maci Bookout have a lot more in common than just being former Teen Mom on the reality series.

In a clip from the series, Houska and Bookout slam their exes, Adam Lind and Ryan Edwards, respectively, about their drug use, sharing with one another how hard it was for the two of them to deal with.

After watching the clips online of Edwards' drug problems, Houska reached out to Bookout.

"I've actually been wanting to reach out because I've been following the stuff online about Ryan going to rehab," Houska texted Bookout. "I just thought it was crazy because that's exactly what I'm going through."

Houska went on to explain how she didn't have the same reaction as her co-star with the situation, making her question empathy.

"When I saw how she reacted to Ryan, she was really sad and crying and that made me feel guilty," she said. "Is it bad of me that I don't react that way? When I saw that I was like, 'Damn she's a better person than me.' It's not like I wouldn't be sad for Aubree if something happened to him, I would be sad for her."

After Bookout texted back that it's been a tough road, Houska revealed how bad she felt for her daughter Aubree who knows drugs are bad despite seeing her father do it.

"As long as Aubree is not around that, that's my only concern," Houska said.

This past April, Lind tested positive for meth after his second partner, Taylor Halbur, claimed he "engaged in drug usage of either steroids or methamphetamines."